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Pantages tomorrow night

Going to the Pantages tomorrow night. Probably going to eat dinner at home in the interest of frugality, after having spent $$$ on the tix. But any good recs for drinks and/or dessert near the theatre? Or really cheap eats? How far is RFT - assuming the SO will go for fish/shrimp tacos from a truck on a date night to the theatre (and, actually, she is likely to refuse tacos from a truck on ANY night)?

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  1. Replying to my own post, I'm thinking of stopping at Eveleigh as I drive in to Hollywood on Sunset from the Palisades, to do drinks and/or dessert there. Good idea? DirtyWEO, don't you often recommend Eveleigh?

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      Yes, Eveleigh is pretty swanky, and not cheap, unfortunately. But yes, tasty drinks, don't know about dessert thou, as I never order any. Have fun!

    2. Not sure when your show is, but RFT closes in the mid-afternoon, no?

      Wood Vine across the street is pretty good for small plates and drinks. Don't know about their dessert menu, though....

      The Waffle is nearby. Should definitely have dessert type items, but not sure about the drinks (if you're talking about alcohol)....

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        Alcohol is not optional; it's mandatory. Wood and Vine is an old stand-by and a good call in that area. Cleo is also an option, I know. But just was wondering if there's anything I may be missing. I like the idea of stopping at Eveleigh (which is on the way), because I've never been there and I hear it's a nice space with very good cocktails. But, then again, there's the hassle (and expense?) of having to park twice. And the show is at 8, so RFT is probably not an option (but I'll get there one of these days, and it's probably not what the SO is envisioning on date night).

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          You can park by the venue & cab it over to Eveleigh & back... Can't be more than $5 each way.

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            little fork?

            Enjoy the Book of Mormon - it is a whole lot better than ANYTHING you will eat!

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              "little fork?"
              Hmmmm, sounds like a small-tine operation.

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              Many, many inexpensive Thai Town options are very close - though a little east of there.

              YaTai on Sunset is a great bargain and on the way.
              Night + Market too.
              Pinches Tacos (you can bring booze or buy from liquor store).
              Bar Marmont?

          2. We like Cleo -- not too expensive, great drinks. Love their sticky toffee pudding. Plus their food is tapas style, so you can always order a couple plates to share.

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              +1 on Cleo's sticky toffee pudding

            2. What about Delphine? Their Happy Hour is supposed to be great. Don't know if it's available on the weekend.

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                Delphine's happy hour is great. But it's only in the bar, and it gets crowded right before a show.

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                  Delphine was pretty good before the show. Had the turkey and avocado sandwich on pretzel bread. Got us in and out in 20 minutes so we could catch the show. Book of Mormon was hilarious. Highly recommended.

                2. Big fan of Blue Palms Brewhouse, a 3 minute walk away

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                    Blue Palms has terrific food and drink. It gets packed and LOUD before a show, though. You'd have to get there well before six to be seated right away, otherwise prepare to wait 45-60 minutes.

                    For drinks, the Frolic Room is right next door.

                    Good luck!

                  2. sooooooo
                    what did you do?

                    1. Reporting back on last night's episode. Thanks for the suggestions. We WERE going to go to Eveleigh for drinks beforehand (and if it were just me, I would have), but the SO had never been to the Polo Lounge, or to the BH Hotel period, so we stopped there for a pre-theatre drink, since it was right on the way. Pricey, but very good cocktails. Now that she's seen the Polo Lounge, if we were to return to the BHH, we'd have a drink at the other bar, on the outdoor deck overlooking the pool. Great view of BH from there. After the show, we hit up Cleo, which was a very good recommendation. We were hungry by then, and had a few small plates at the bar - the muhammara, the fried brussels sprouts leaves, and the "spicy cigars" (essentially tacquitos stuffed with middle-eastern spiced beef). All tasty and hit the spot. Very active scene and great people watching. Lovely and helpful bartender. We were able to put off dining until that late in the evening because we had a slow, late lunch earlier in the day at Inn of the Seventh Ray. What a nice setting that is, and the food was good enough - actually my "Italian Reuben" on anise bread, made with a panini press was pretty tasty, with a nice salad on the side.

                      1. So, is there anything near the pantages that has alcohol (like Wayno, alcohol is a mandatory requirement) < $30pp?

                        cleo/littlefork are both well over $30pp with alcohol. might be able to do it @ littlefork if I came during happy hour and ate oysters/drank molsens (which might be the backup plan).

                        I'll be with a pack of light eaters and moderate drinkers.

                        Also slightly OT but - my "book of mormon" ticket says show starts @8p. To those that have gone, what time does the show actually start?

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                            Seriously?? I found Musso to be a little $$$

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                              Yes. Drinks and or dessert near theatre. I'd say both for $40. Dinner at home first.

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                              for me first act was good, second not so much

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                              LITTLEFORK's Demitasse menu from Sunday-Thursday from 5-7pm fits the criteria. Pick three items from the Demitasse menu for $25 or $26 and that includes a glass of house wine or a Molson. Wow!

                              Had dinner there the other night and that kitchen is hitting it out of the park, even with Travi opening Superba Food & Bread.

                              Didn't do the demitasse menu, but the food was great with the Sturgeon Pastrami being our favorite. Oysters were top notch, cauliflower steak, steak tartare, beet chopped salad, sundchokes and the Montrealer (lobster roll with smoked brisket, sacre bleu!) were all solid. Gnocchi was a bit heavy and flat.

                              Service was outstanding and the cocktails are terrific and well priced.

                              Wondering if anyone has had the duck for two at Littlefork. That and brunch are next on my list there...soon.