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Weight Loss Eating At McDonalds

A man claims to have lost 37 pounds and many inches eating exclusively at McDonalds for 90 consecutive days. Apparently his cholesterol level dropped dramatically as well. He claims he ate everything including Big Macs, Double Cheeseburgers, Sundaes, and salads etc.!
Your comments, please.

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    1. If my diet was that monotonous, I'd lose weight, too.

      1. You hear of food addicts who literally put away 6,000 + calories a day. If he was one of those guys, and even reduced his intake to "only" 3,500 calories a day on the McDiet, he would lose weight and might improve his blood chemistry.

        Any way you slice it, however, it's not a healthful diet.

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          It may not be the world's healthiest diet, but apparently it was an improvement. It's all relative. It's really the end that counts rather than the means of achieving it. Calories DO count. Perhaps the secret of his success was portion control?

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            Definitely it's relative. God only knows what/how much he was eating beforehand, if by going on a 90 day McDonald's diet helped him lose 37 pounds and improve his cholesterol.

            Like you mentioned, it may very well be a matter of portion control. He was probably eating considerably less calories than before, and maybe got more exercise in.

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            Could be the reverse; hard to believe you could get enough fiber in your diet from McD salads and sesame seeds.

          2. I dont't know about that claim, but this one made the news eating at McD's for 6 mos., losing 56 lbs. "Experts aren't impressed...", mostly because he took in An enormous amount of sodium, the diet is unrealistic and unreasonable in the long term, etc. BTW, daily exercise was also involved.

            Link: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/24922983/...

            1. If you ate only buttered white bread and ice cream you could lose weight.....
              Any calorie restriction or reduction can result in weight loss. If he went from making and eating his own homemade very large meals to smaller portion controlled meals this would happen.

              It is what it is.

              What it is NOT is a reason to eat at mc donalds or endorse their "food"

              1. If this is the same person from a story a few months ago you are neglecting to mention a few important facts.

                Although he claims to have eaten "everything" he did strictly count calories, it wasn't a daily free for all diet.

                More importantly he began an excersize program as well. So the key to most diets are burning more calories than you are consuming. Your body doesn't know if a calorie originated in a Mc Donald's meal, a bowl of salad or any other food source. This story is more about the science of calorie counting than an endorsement for eating Mc Donald's. No matter what the results eating nothing but fast food of any kind for prolonged periods of time is never a good idea.

                If this is a different story then ignore all the above!

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                  Why does it matter that he counted calories? People seem to assume that these "you can lose weight via fast food" folks are somehow pulling a fast one. It's no more arbitrary than how Spurlock did it - I know that when I do go to McDs I do *not* order like Spurlock did (and while I'm not counting calories, I am somewhat aware when I make my decisions).

                  I agree with the point that what this is really saying is "With caloric restriction, the source doesn't really matter that much for weight loss" - however, many people in our world belabor under the incorrect belief that fast food == fattening, no matter what. Spurlock didn't help. This helps to show people the error in their ways.

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                    In "Supersize Me," Spurlock ate three "square meals" a day from McD's, and thereby doubled his required caloric intake for a man of his size and modern lifestyle. He not only put on huge amounts of weight in a short time, but the "quality" of the food ended up with him having cholesterol and trigylceride levels that were so dangerously high his doctor strongly recommend he end his stunt. I remember also his..um..."digestion" didn't work all that well either.

                    Sadly, while Spurlock was stunt eating to prove a point, many people really do eat this way day in and day out.

                    1. re: EarlyBird

                      Your last point is true. But my issue with it is that too many people came away with thinking that's the only outcome of eating every meal at McDs. It is entirely possible via portion control to lose weight on a pure McDs diet and thus lower one's poor blood pressure/chemistry/etc (as often the obesity is the largest culprit and not the diet).

                      Do most people prefer the ultra-triplesize mcfatattack? Sure. But that's besides the point.

                2. Many years ago I went on what I called the "fast food diet". I ate almost exclusively from McDs, Wendys and BK (with some taco bell thrown in). Beyond the standard reasons (I was young, dumb and without much money) another was that they all had their nutritional information available so I could more accurately track what I was eating (at that time, cooking for myself wasn't really an option).

                  I didn't have 37 pounds to lose, but I did lose the 15-20 extra pounds I had on me. I changed nothing else about my lifestyle. People assume that fast food inevitably turns you into a fat blob, but as with everything else it is how you choose to apply it. There's a huge difference between getting two McDs cheeseburgers vs two supersized double quarter pounder meals.

                  1. I can't imagine any kind of good blood chemistry coming from eating any amount of this food every day.

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                      Generally when people have done this sort of anti-supersize me type experiment it does happen. For most vaguely reasonable diets, the positive effects from weight loss (i.e. corresponding BP drop, cholesterol drop, etc) outweigh any negatives from the diet. Also, in general people grossly overestimate things like diet's effect on cholesterol, salt intake's effect on BP, etc.

                    2. I think you can pick and choose and manage this. Yes, I'm sure he ate Big Macs, etc., but I'm also sure he balanced it out with salads, Egg McMuffins, parfaits, grilled chicken, etc.

                      I'm not sure it's the healthiest diet - would think it'd be sadly lacking in fruits and veggies, but if you are strictly counting calories, losing weight is definitely possible.

                      Seems pretty high in salt, though.

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                        Honestly....with the salads available I think you could do alright with veggies. Fruit is going to be really limited....apples and some berries at breakfast...apple slices as a side option.

                        I think a lot of the trick to losing weight/getting healthier would come down to skipping the potato products. If you skip the fries and hash browns, you can actually end up with a reasonably defensible total overall intake I think so long as you choose really carefully at least twice a day. Even a Big Mac could work as one option if you're eating a side salad or apple slices as your side item.

                      2. I agree with McDonald's that a visit to Mickey D's can be part of a responsible nutritional approach. That's why I've dined there twice in the last 17 months. - Roger Ebert in his review of Super Size Me