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Mar 14, 2014 02:26 PM

Rose's Luxury

Can anyone tell me how early I should arrive at Rose's Luxury on a Saturday to be pretty sure we'll get a seat? I was thinking 4 or 4:15 PM but didn't know if that was crazy.

Also, I would love recommendations re: what to order.


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  1. Did you make it to Rose's? I have the same question - how early do I need to get there on a Saturday to get a table. What was your experience?


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      How many people? And do you really need a table? The kitchen counter is the primo spot to eat if you can handle stools. In nice weather you can go for a stroll and they will call you on your cell if you don't get seated immediately.

      1. re: pmcmullen100

        We did end up going-- it was fantastic by the way. One person in our party arrived by 4 PM and was the first person in line. I arrived 15 minutes later (and we were still the only people in line!). By about 4:30 PM there were probably 5 or so parties behind us and by 4:45 PM the line was really long. The rest of our party (we were 4 total) didn't show up until about 4:50 PM.

        For us it was totally worth it to be first in line but it was also a beautiful night so a pleasure just to spend time with friends outside. We had our choice of any table and I have little kids at home who I had to get back to so didn't want to risk not getting seated that first round. I think if you have more flexibility it probably isn't as big a deal to try to be one of the first.

        Long answer but hope that helps! : )

        1. re: parnes77

          Really appreciate all the replies and info. Just two more questions

          1. How long did dinner last, roughly?

          2. If you were part of the first wave seated, was that at 5:30? 6 PM?

          1. re: pmcmullen100

            We were there an abnormally long time-- 3 1/2 hours when all was said and done! But we saw many tables seated and finished in the time we were there and we ordered 3 times, ended up getting everything on the menu, some things twice.

            We were in and seated right at 5 PM, that's when they open on Friday and Saturday.

      2. For what it's worth, two of us arrived around 4:45 on a Saturday and were seated at the downstairs ("garden") bar by 6 or so and had a great experience sitting there.

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        1. re: Doh

          So if you get in line at 4:30 and are seated at 6, do you have to stand in line that entire time? Or does someone come out at 5, take your name and number, and tell you to come back?

          I'm trying to figure out whether I need to be dressed for dinner when I get in line. (I live in the neighborhood, so if I don't have to stand in line up to the dinner time, I'll just go home).

          I did try calling the restaurant to get this info, but no one ever called back.

          Thanks again!

          1. re: pmcmullen100

            Nobody will be out there to take your name and number before they open. I believe once everyone is seated they will then start a waiting list.

            1. re: pmcmullen100

              Yes-- the line is just outside the door until 5, then they work through it and will take your name/cell phone number if they can't seat you. We ended up being able to get a drink at the upstairs bar (where some people were also eating) while we were waiting.