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Mar 14, 2014 02:02 PM

Mauviel M'steel frying pan

I have bought a mauviel M'steel frying pan. After I seasoned the pan the bottom of the pan seems to have become unevens. The pan does not stay even on the stove top. I am wondering if it may be a manufacturing fault or if I have done anything wrong in the seasoning of the pan. Apologies if other treads have covered this earlier.

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  1. Hi, Frantsv:

    These steel pans can warp under high heat. Unless you abused it (VERY high heat and/or quenching it in cold water), it is a manufacturing fault.

    Take/send it back with an accurate description of what you did to season it.


    1. When you wash it, you must wash it with hot water while the pan is still warm

      1. Thank you for the replies. I got a new one from the shop and they where happy in replacing it. However the frying pan warped again during seasoning today. I very careful seasoned it and made sure that I had a reasonable low heat. This is a 32 cm mauviel m' steel round frying pan. It does not seem that the ones I have tried can take any heating until it warp. I think I might try another brand.

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          I think that Mauviel M'Steel aren't the thickest pans on the market. I've put a slight warp in a thin pan during seasoning, so know what you mean. Try the deBuyer Carbone line from West Elm. They can take the heat.

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            Hi, Duffy:

            When are you going to donate your Proline skillet's body for dissection?


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              Hiya, K!

              That would be right about never. BB&B kindly gave me a full refund. Got to love their customer service.

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                Dang, I was cleaning up the bandsaw, too.