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Mar 14, 2014 01:44 PM

Thickening soup with bread

I am making the ribollita recipe from the Silver Spoon, and it says to put four slices of bread on the bottom of a big casserole, spoon the soup onto the bread, and bake it for 10 minutes at 350F. That doesn't seem like long enough to really break it down, and I'm a little concerned that my delicious bread is going to get all soggy instead of thickening the soup. Have any of you made a soup this way before? Does it work? Should I cut the bread up into little pieces and stir it into the soup? Should I serve the soup at its present consistency with the bread on the side? The bread I'm going to use is a quick bread, if that affects your sogginess predictions, but it is not sweet.

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    1. For future reference, I can report that the delicious bread did become insipid, soggy bread, and did not break down at all. Maybe the next day it will be better.

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        The translation of ribollita is reboiled. It may be that baking 10 minutes at 350F is insufficient heat for total dissolving, If you don't want a uniform, puree-like texture to the broth, reheat on the stove and stir until it's where you want it.

      2. I'm 61, with a vivid memory of my maternal grandmother's extraordinary chicken soup with bread pieces, at least 50 years ago.