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Porto's Recipe Changes?

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We picked up some potato balls and ham croquettes yesterday from the Burbank location. I bit into one of the ham croquettes and the first thing I noticed was that they are different! They used to have a smoother, more blended consistency before. Now the ham is in bigger pieces, so it's a chunkier filling, and it tastes different too. Same thing with the potato balls -- the ground beef filling is "looser" than before -- it oozes out when you break into it.

Did they change their recipes or something in the last few months? I liked the old versions better. :(

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  1. Definitely did for the Italian sandwich. It did not have Italian dressing before last year.

    1. And the taste is better or worse...?

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        I mentioned in my OP that I preferred the old versions.

      2. Send them an e-mail and complain! Direct it to Raul Porto