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Mar 14, 2014 12:53 PM

BYOB for party of 15-20 or another 40th bday idea

Trying to plan a dinner for my husband- was going to do Han Dynasty, but am worried with drinks a la carte my drink bill will be higher than dinner. Any great BYOBs that can accomodate large group on a weekend? Center City, Univ City, Delco, Main Line all fine. Must have good food. Italian BYOs are fine.

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    1. Exton too far and mana yuck cannot accomodate large group on sat night. Any fave byob restaurants I am forgetting about?

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        Bistro 7 in CC has a large upstairs room.

      2. Not sure about weekend (maybe Sunday) but you should consider looking into Fayette Street Grille in Conshohocken. Perfect for your needs and good food.

        Another spot to look into would be Silverspoon in Strafford/Wayne. Innovative menu.

        And finally le piece de resistance -- Spring Mill Cafe in Conshohocken. Food is wow!

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          Good idea Arepo. They may be able to take over the small separate art gallery at Spring Mill Cafe. Not sure what this would cost.

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            Fayette Street Grille is a great idea. Their $36 prix fixe for a three-course gourmet dinner is really reasonable. They are open for private parties/showers, etc. on Saturday and Sunday afternoons so perhaps that would work for you. Not sure about the price pp for an afternoon function. You could possibly do something on a Sunday evening or during the week when they are less busy. They do have an area that can handle up to about 16 people at one table and I'm sure could make provisions for a slightly larger party. We used to have company dinners there quite often when I worked for a small office in Conshohocken and we are going there for a birthday dinner with friends this Saturday evening.

          2. You might want to consider Pesto on Broad st in South Philly. It's a larger-than-normal BYO and has a private party menu, so they are used to groups. They do have beer and liquor but it's a BYO for wine (with no corkage). It's basically Italian American classic cuisine, but done well. Not trendy like Han, but it may fit the bill every other way. The service was friendly too.