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Mar 14, 2014 11:32 AM

corned beef question

A couple questions ~ can I cook it frozen in the slow cooker? I need to cook several so is it possible to do two the day before, then cook the last one on St Pat's day and then just warm them all together to serve? Thanks for your help!

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  1. The texture of the pre-cooked ones will be noticeably different than the freshly cooked, but not in a bad way. Do you have a large enough roasting pan that you can do all in the oven at the same time?

    1. Cooking from frozen will work just fine (IMO) but wil take LONGER to get to fork tender. Personally, can't imagine cooking ONE day ahead of time would cause any significant difference in texture??

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        I'm planning to cook one day ahead, so I hope not.

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          Corned beef stores very very well after cooked with no noticeable degradation in quality.

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            No worries. Lots of ways to prepare a corned beef. Cook a day or two ahead and slowly steam the meat the day you want to serve it. You want the steam to just begin to render the fat. Cut against the grain and all will be bliss.

          2. re: kseiverd

            Sure there will be a textural difference in that the roast that was cooked the day prior will be drier in the sense that the juices will have re-distributed throughout, whereas the freshly cooked will be more succulent upon serving because the juices will be closer to the surface of the meat. As I said, not a bad thing but different for sure.

          3. Thanks for all your help. I have borrowed another slow cooker and will only do one the night before and two on St. Patrick's day. That way I can cook the veggies with them that day.