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Mar 14, 2014 10:27 AM

Ambler's Lucky Well for dinner

We finally (FINALLY) made it to the Lucky Well for dinner last night, and I'm so glad we did! We had a 6:30 reservation and by 7 the place was packed.
The space has been redone beautifully, service was friendly and attentive... ok and cute... he was very cute.

anyway... my friends both ordered one of the signature cocktails - his was the Ambler Storm, their take on a dark and stormy which he really enjoyed. I don't know the name of what she drank... i think it had acai juice in it (?) it was a lovely red/purple color and had a sprig of rosemary in it. She LOVED it. I had white wine - boring me.

we ordered the Texas Poutine and the wings as apps - while we waited for my DH who got detained at work and ended up eating carry out.
the wings were terrific, with just the right amount of heat, and the poutine was a really tasty twist on it with chopped brisket, barbecue sauce and mozerella curds.
Entrees: They shared brisket and the NJ sausage (and gave me bites). the brisket was the most popular of those two, the sausage had too much anise seed for our tastes. both were generous portions. They had a side of the mac and cheese which they seemed to enjoy. I had the pork shoulder, which was so lovely and tender some of the best I've had that wasn't home made. I had a side of the sweet potato mash which didn't LOVE. there was a flavor in the back ground that was sour. not sure what that was. The cornbread was very tasty, altho sweet. I noticed that they do tend on the sweet side with the rubs, the sauce, the beans... I don't mind it but others might. I took home a half rack of ribs and an order of mac and cheese for the hubs... the ribs were really great, I thought the mac and cheese needed more noodles, the proportions seemed off to me but the cheese sauce was very creamy and good.
we were too full to eat dessert, but it was tempting - they had a banana pudding with a smoked banana whipped cream that DH would have been crazy for. I should have gotten an order to go.
other dessert descriptions - well the first one was a cinnamon waffle with chocolate ice cream and a bunch of other stuff - it was too much description for me to manage to remember. there was an apple cobbler that is cooked to order, and chocolate chip cookies and milk.

The verdict is that we can't wait to go again. I want to try the chicken and the grits. and a couple of those cocktails... when I'm not driving myself home.

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  1. Thanks for the review. We tried to go for lunch but of course we found it wasn't open for lunch.

    1. Comprehensive review, thanks. Without listing all again there seemed to be many things in your honest opinion that you did not like. It did seem that those things may have been your personal taste issues. How would you rate the cost/quality equation? You noted the verdict is you " can't wait to go again" showing an understanding that one visit should not be a final one; a generous conclusion based on the negatives mentioned.

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      1. re: Bacchus101

        Except for the two sides and the sausage, I enjoyed everything I tried... I really enjoyed the sweet cornbread, that's how I prefer it. I'm not a huge mac and cheese girl anyway, but wanted to taste everything.

        I have heard complaints about Chad's food being too sweet, so I acknowledge that it may be an issue for other folks, and wanted to include it in my review so others can take it into consideration. sorry if I wasn't clear.

        I should have also included that I'm fighting a persistent sore throat this week which may have changed my opinions slightly. ;)

        For everything we ordered, the tab was just over $120, not including tips. While this would be expensive in a hole in the wall bbq joint, I found it to be reasonable for the Lucky Well, which is aiming I think for a more upscale experience.

        1. re: jujuthomas

          Thanks, the place seems to be a hit in Ambler as it is always busy. Appreciate your honest and considered opinions.

      2. I can't wait to get there and try the Mac and Cheese! Sounds worth it!

        Thanks for the nice review, should make my quest easier!