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Mar 14, 2014 09:54 AM

Providence - Saturday night near Columbus Theater?


We're headed to Providence Saturday night for a show at the Columbus Theater, staying at the Renaissance Providence. Looking for casual eats in that general area, pre-show, and then maybe something fun afterwards. (My husband is a Northern Italian chef, so anything in that genre has gotta be kickin.) Fun breakfasty things for Sunday morning before we head out would be cool, too.

Any thoughts appreciated. We've never been to Providence before.


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  1. Lots of good stuff right around the Columbus Theater. For slightly more than casual yet funky place try Broadway Bistro for dinner Saturday night. Want slightly more of a NY cool vibe - Nicks on Broadway. Intimate 1920s French theme - Lois Fullers. Cutting edge hip food, but casual and friendly - North. For breakfast - Nicks on Broadway or Julians. After the show - Avery Lounge.

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      I second all of these recs. while I really like Justine's, it's tough to find and in a bit of an iffy neighborhood for out-of-towners. It's maybe not where I'd want to visit on my first visit to PVD. Spirito's is ok too, but I'd absolutely skip it if your husband's an Italian chef.
      Seven stars is a great tip for breakfast pastry. Brunch at the Grange on Broadway is also very good--it's vegetarian, so it would be something different. I think the diner on Broadway would be open for a breakfast option. Can't go wrong with breakfast at Nick's or Julian's, get there early!

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        I found Nicks to be hit or miss depending on what you order for bfast. But oh how I love the bathroom!!! I think it is the all time funnest ladies room I've ever visited, including 5 star hotels. And the staff is wonderful!

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        Thank you all for the recs - much appreciated. We spent the afternoon walking around Federal Hill - got some sweets from Scialo Bros and sat for fabulous espresso at Venda. Tried to get into North but the wait was 1.5 hours! What a cool little spot, though. Ended up eating at the bar at Broadway Bistro. Fun spot, great playlist, good food.

        Great show at Columbus - it ended up being such a late night that we weren't able to stop for breakfast before having to leave town early. But we had a lot of fun in our quickie trip to Providence and will definitely be back to explore more. Everyone was incredibly friendly everywhere we went.

        Thanks, all!

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          Love that you reported back! Thanks from lil' Rhody!

      3. Not far from the Columbus Theater is Justine’s Cocktail Bar, 11 Olneyville Square. It has the feel of a speakeasy from the outside, no sign, no lights, the clue is the scantily-clad mannequins in the darkened window. Inside is a lively elegant lounge with a beautiful mirrored bar, great cocktails at reasonable prices. It is open until 2 a.m. on the weekends.

        1. If you do want authentic Italian food, you can't go wrong with Spirito's Italian Restaurant at 477 Broadway - located in one of the original 'historic mansions' on the street (opposite side of the theater). If you are looking for something quick and light for breakfast on Sunday, you can't go wrong with Seven Stars Bakery - Cafe, a few blocks up from the Columbus. The pecan rolls are out of this world!