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Mar 14, 2014 09:18 AM

Yellowtail; Other Suggestions for End of April

Hi! I will be returning to Las Vegas end of April for a few days. Three days will be filled with conference, though I can get out after for dinner. I'm staying one extra day to to fully clear the effects of our 2013/2014 Minnesota Polar Vortex. It was a tough one.

I love fish and seafood, and appreciate beautiful desserts with unusual ingredients. We have a thriving ethnic community in St.Paul/Minneapolis so I would trend more towards American/French dining. I'll be staying at the Cosmopolitan, no car, but can walk miles, though for this trip prefer to stay on the Strip. I have three reservations, pondering a fourth, though I may leave it open as I'll need to get out and about and may just spontaneously stop in someplace casual like the Public House. Last, I prefer not repeat at restaurants, though some in Las Vegas sorely tempt me to do so. Some of the nicer places I've been to on the Strip are Bartolotto, Le Cirque, L'Atelier, Aurole, Guy Savoy, Mesa Grill, Joel Robuchon, Nobu, and also Boulad and Trotter's restaurants before they closed.

Please, comment away on thoughts for this trip, especially Yellowtail, which is close to where I'm staying, but hardly has any press. (I chose it over Bar Masa, which looks to be outstanding but the interior design just doesn't appeal to me.) And yes, I know I need to go to Twist. I have gone back and forth 10 times between Picasso and Twist...... Chose Picasso because I love everything on their degustation menu and I love the location and I love the setting and Julian Serrano up for James Beard Best Chef...To stop my back and forth I got tix to Bellagio's art gallery....

Sunday night: Yellowtail; Monday night: casual - wing it - thoughts besides Public House?; Tuesday night: Michael Mina's American Fish; Wednesday night: Picasso.

Thank you! -Mary

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  1. ...Serrano is up for a Beard Award...Pierre Gagnaire has 3 Michelin stars in Paris, 2 in other cities...

    Yellowtail was a disaster for the special event I went to - skip it. Public House is fun, worth the visit for that style of food for sure. Would consider the new Nobu at Caesars' if you're looking for dynamic restaurant design.

    1. Thank you, uhockey.

      Your point on James Beard vs. Michelin is noted. One wonders, though. Julian is up for Best chef, and he is there every day (liberal use of every) managing the kitchen. Pierre is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest chefs. And the menu at Twist and of course the Chef I'm sure receives his highest blessing. Yet, I doubt he spends more than, what, twenty days at his place in Vegas? But now you have me waffling again.....

      I think I shall splurge and dine at Picasso and Twist. :)

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        Serrano most assuredly is not at Picasso every day. He splits time between the two restaurants. Gagnaire is indeed only in Vegas for ~4 weeks per year, but Ryuki himself has earned 2 Michelin Stars during his time at London's Sketch and, imo, executes Gagnaire's style beautifully. For me, the Picasso experience is about the room more than the food - it is food that can be found in 100s of US dining rooms. Gagnaire's food is found nowhere else in North America.