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Mar 14, 2014 08:55 AM

Looking for moderate priced restaurants [San Francisco]

We will be in SF for 4 nights at the end of April. We love good food but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars a night. Any suggestions for places that won't break the bank?

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  1. 1. Where are you coming from?
    2. What type of food are you craving?
    3. Anything you won't eat?
    4. Specific dollar amounts are helpful "moderate" depending on the poster can range from $20 pp to $100 pp depending on whose asking.

    1. I'm coming from Boston. I guess we consider ourselves foodies. We eat just about anything. I'm looking for a main meal round $50.

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        I'd definitely visit a bakery (Knead, B Patisserie, Craftsman & Wolves etc.)

        Ice Cream (Bi Rite, Mr. Mrs. Miscellaneous, Humphrey Slocombe)

        Coffee (Four Barrel, Blue Barrel, Ritual, Philz)

        South Indian at Dosa

        Cal-Italian at Cotogna, Locanda, Flour + Water, Zero Zero (this is the only category that may edge on your budget Zero Zero is a bit cheaper than the others - this category is the only one you need to make reservations way in advance)

        Burmese (Burma Superstar or Mandalay)

        Thai (Lers Ros or maybe Kin Khao (haven't been yet))

        Maybe Skool or Bar Crudo for seafood (Skool is variable on service and Bar Crudo can be a bit variable generally)

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          I'm not sure what you mean by "main meal." Main course? Or total food cost exclusive of drinks and tip?

        2. I meant the main course.
          Thanks for all suggestions.

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            I hope one day I can say that $50 main courses are "moderately priced"!

            Congratulations on your success in life my friend!

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              $50 for the main course, you can go almost anywhere in SF except for the most expensive, tasting-menu-only places with two Michelin stars (Saison, Benu, Coi, Atelier Crenn, Quince). SF diners are cost-sensitive and if a main course is over $29 it's usually a good steak.

            2. Well I'm on vacation. Most of the restaurants others recommended were about $100 or more - so I figured I try to find something in the 50's.

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                SF is expensive, but, what places have $100 main courses that people were recommending?? Sounds insane. I've never seen anywhere with $100 main courses (that weren't meant to serve 2-4 people at least).

              2. for lunch, try the extensive buffet (by the ounce) at Lee's Deli (Battery & Pine)