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Mar 14, 2014 08:48 AM

Deli/ Salumeri

So- I just had some friends send me some bread from Zingermans.

It was so wonderful, and my friends said it is nothing compared to the sandwiches that they make with it.

Where does one go for an amazing deli sandwich these days? If I am in Duluth, I will gladly go to the Northern Waters Smokehaus. two words... Bison Pastrami.

Even for things like smoked fish. I feel like we have many passable options, but nothing great.

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  1. I'm always impressed with what's going on at France 44 Cheese Shop. House made charcuterie, delicious entrees and sides, killer sandwiches and, of course, an awesome cheese selection. Sister store, St Paul Cheese @ Grand & Snelling, equally awesome.

      1. Farm Direct Market at Heartland has some wonderful homemade charcuterie. I had some wonderful bologna with hazelnuts. That with some hard, cold butter on that wonderful bread makes me drool.