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Nordic Preserves and Wildlife...

...makes one helluva sandwich. Sometimes l'm slow to pick up on awesome things that are right under my nose [no jokes about nose picking, please].

This is the Nordic: Nova, black lumpfish caviar, "Nordic pico de gallo" [diced red onions and tomatoes, capers, flat leaf parsley], creme fraiche. A big, filling sandwich, piled high with the good stuff, on a good-quality, crusty, fresh ciabatta. Ten frickin' dollars.

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  1. Cool ... thanks! You got this at Essex St. Market or La Marqueta?

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      Ah, sorry: Essex St. Market. l didn't know they had another location.

    2. NSFW!!!

      Is the Ciabata from Pain D'Avignon

      1. hmm that looks interesting and is pretty close to me...must try

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        1. re: Lau

          lt was *really* good, and a genuine bargain.

        2. Nordic Preserves is a great little shop. I hope they're doing enough business, never looks super-busy. Their selection of smoked & otherwise cured fishes is probably second only to Russ & Daughters, at least for the neighborhood, and more esoteric at that. (As I recall it's all house-made, too, which is nice - not just bought and repackaged from a distributor like Acme)

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            Yes, l'm going to go back fairly regularly to sample more of their wares: a lot of interesting house-smoked and cured fish, as you said. Definitely less traditional than R&D.

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              im surprised i havent noticed this place, i eat there on a somewhat regular basis

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                lf you walk in the northernmost entrance and make a quick right into the market, it's there on the left, just before Heritage Meats. You can't miss it.

          2. Another winner: the Sol Öga. Peppered mackerel, egg yolk, red onion, capers, beets, apple.

            1. Nice display!

              1. Picked up a Nordic it for dinner tonight. Delicious. Many thanks for the introduction!

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                  1. re: howdini

                    Nordic on ciabatta. That photo you took sold me. Nice work.

                    1. re: Silverjay

                      Yeah, it's a helluva sandwich! The Sol Öga l had today was very good, but l liked the Nordic better. l figure l'll hit 'em up once a week.

                1. I had this for dinner tonight, along with a long-stemmed artichoke from Essex Farm - a pretty luxurious meal for about $13. Get it while you can, LES-ers, 'cause SPURA has plans for Essex Market, and they don't include preserving it.

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                  1. re: small h

                    I believe that every shop "in good standing" currently in Essex Market has been guaranteed dibs on space in the new (supposedly larger) market once it's built. Though whether their rent will remain the same, I dunno...

                    Also, according to an article from late last year, the new market was described as opening "several years from now" - so, there's probably a bit of time left. They're not even breaking ground for another year as I recall.

                    1. re: sgordon

                      You're right that this is what has been promised (also that the new market will open before the old one is demolished). I will cynically note, however, that the former tenants of the buildings that once stood on the site were promised things, too. That said, yeah, it's a ways off, still.

                      1. re: small h

                        When it comes to billion-$ city development projects, cynicism is probably the only appropriate stance...

                        1. re: sgordon

                          Cynicism is my default setting. And I'm not at all proud of that. I blame society. Society made me what I am.

                          1. re: small h

                            You must transcend society, by eating all the fish.

                  2. Wanted to kick myself yesterday; we were killing some time before a 7:00 rez at Contra (excellent by the way) and I made the mistake of checking out the offerings at NP&W, I wanted that sandwich so badly but didn't want to ruin my appetite. That sandwich WILL be mine in the very near future : )

                    1. I became obsessed with this sandwich and had to have it; finally got to last week. You know when you have something so built up in your head that when you finally get to do it it doesn't live up to expectations? Yeah well, this wasn't one of those times...this sandwich is incredible and IMO a bargain! Oh, and I had the option of having it on an everything bagel (which I did).

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                        l'm glad l could hip you to it! How they can do it for $10 is a mystery to me, not that l really care, as long as it stays that price.

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                          You and me both. I showed my husband the picture on the Amtrak on the way up last Thursday and said "See this? It's in our immediate future." We just left NY, but finally got to it this morning. Wow. It's already been proclaimed a "must eat" on every trip. The ingredient distribution was so perfect. And yeah, total bargain. Thanks howdini!

                        2. One of the stars of our LES crawl last week, and what contrast to the craziness of R&D which we did right before (wife never been). Great find Howdini. I want to come back to try their homemade candy, and the rest of the goodies on display

                          The market overall looked sort of dead during both my visits so perhaps a thread about it is in order. Quite a few gems inside

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                            I had the Nordic on pumpernickel bagel last week while I was in the city. I stopped by around 11 a.m. The sandwich was excellent. It is on my radar for my next trip. I have been trying to recreate it at home however I do not have access to a decent bagel or caviar in SC.
                            The chatted with the gentlemen at the counter, very friendly and he made excellent recommendations of other items to take home.
                            Thanks Ziggy and Howdini!
                            Also stopped for french butter and a piece of pear cake. Love the market. I was concerned that it as empty for the entire hour I was there..??

                            1. re: six dower

                              Usually Essex Market is pretty bustling, but I suppose if you were there on a weekday during the day it might have been slow. They do most of their business on the weekends and weekdays after 5:00.

                              The whole market is supposed to be moving in a couple years, just a block South or so. Putting up yet another high-rise because they haven't -quite- completely blocked out the sun on the LES yet.

                              Couple other great sandwiches there are the Lax Rulle (the horseradish cream really brings it up a notch) and, if you want to go super-Nordic, the Sol Oga with peppered mackerel and beets.

                              1. re: sgordon

                                l've gotta try the other sandwiches; the only ones l've had are the Sol Oga and Nordic. l liked the Sol Oga, but l think the Nordic should be on a "Best Sandwiches of the World" list.