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Mar 14, 2014 07:44 AM

North Dumpling - Essex Street

Does anyone know if they changed owners? The dumplings are not what I remember and even the sauce seems different. C

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  1. Oh cmon - they're $1. Or $2. And they were never as good as the dumplings at Prosperity on Eldridge.

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    1. re: mitchleeny

      Your price argument is of no importance obviously otherwise the topic of where to get the best dumplings wouldn't be so popular and you're just plain wrong about them not being as good as prosperity, these dumplings were excellent and I didn't need every other white person on food blogs to validate it.

      1. re: cronis

        In that case, you should have asked the person who sold them to you.

        I hear they use a reduced Black Rice Vinegar in the "sauce" now. That's what caused the massive price increase.