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Mar 14, 2014 05:59 AM

Sushi/Japanese question(s) - How does Teppo compare vs. Tei Tei

I've been to Tei Tei, loved it, have not been to Teppo yet.

How do they compare on food overall, sushi, drinks and atmosphere?

Is there some other place I should be considering, particularly for quality of the fish and atmosphere?

I know someone is gonna mention Tei Ann, and I love the place, but looking for a change, particularly as I work in OAP and get there often.


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  1. Nobu and Yutaka would be obvious in town Dallas choices for high quality fish. Oishii might not be the best but he does get some good quality on his menu on occasion and it is definitely about 1/2 the cost of the others above.

    Out of town - Masami in Richardson and Sushi Sake in Richardson can hold their own. I have heard some pandering about some visits to Masami, so other can chime in.

    Also Sushi Robata in Far North Dallas on Tollway and Frankford does a hefty business and has some awesomely cheap appetizers and some good quality fish.

    Teppo is less grilling/theatrics and more intimate sushi and yaktori grilling without theatrics. I can't comment on drinks at Teppo but the food I believe is a bit better than Tei Tei. I will also think you will like the atmosphere of Teppo.

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          I've had good drinks at Teppo, and also like the atmosphere. The service isn't typical American service, but I've always enjoyed myself there. I like it better than Tei Tei. Definitely better atmosphere ... service at Tei Tei might have the edge. The food I've ordered at Teppo was better, but that could have been down to my choices.