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Mar 14, 2014 05:07 AM

Kappo Muroi - Shinbashi

Does anyone tried Muroi, the wild mushroom part at more than 20,000yens ?
Does it includes something else than free wild mushroom ?

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  1. We tried it. This was in January, so they only had some wild mushrooms they preserved in fall. Overall the meal was good, but some of the mushrooms had undergone fermentation (unintentionally, I believe), which was sort of scary, and there were repetitive elements (also, many more types of rice and noodles than I'm used to in a meal at that price level).

    The young person who is in the process of taking the kitchen over was not very nice to the very friendly chef, who during dinner was busy with a 1970s style spreadsheet (meaning a very large sheet of paper with the week's reservations) figuring out supplier orders and budget.

    It seemed like a shop on its last legs and I wish I could have tried it some years ago... maybe it's nicer during fall.