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Small plates in Paris

We are being drawn more and more to restaurants that serve small plates. We like that we can get a wider variety of flavor and scope of what a restaurant has to offer. Are there any restaurants in Paris that are offering a collection of small plates that really stand out? We have eaten at Mary Celeste and enjoyed the chef's offerings and feel like Dans Les Landes may be a good place to try in May. Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts.

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  1. Dans Les Landes
    Saturne also, the portions are not pig-out big. But they are regular courses. I would not describe them as "collection of small plates".

    1. In addition to Parigi's excellent suggestions:
      Auberge Flora on the boulevard Richard Lenoir @ rue Chemin Vert in the 11th... open 7/7 so an especially good place for a small plates lunch on Sunday after a wander through the Marche Bastille.
      Café des Abattoirs on the rue Gomboust off the place du Marché Saint-Honoré in the 1st... open 7/7... a carnivore's delight with half-portion options designed to be shared and served like tapas... the new baby of the famous Rostang family (patriarch Michel is multi-starred) but surprisingly cheap/ superb value for the quality.
      L'Ilot on the rue Corderie in the 3rd/ Haut Marais... fish/ shellfish small plates for sharing... tiny place so to avoid claustrophobia I only go in summer when sidewalk tables... cheap and cheerful.
      Au Passage on the passage Saint Sébastien in the 11th... very hip small plates bar and resto... some say that it's not as good after the original chef left but I still find it a place of great quality and enjoyment.
      Pierre Sang on the rue Oberkampf in the 11th... the 6-plate 39 € dinner menu is usually quite brilliant/ creative and cheaper 2-, 3- an 5-plate lunch specials... no rezzies.

      There are lots of other choices. How long will you be in Paris ? And which quartiers are convenient or interest you ?

      1. The one & only Les Petits Plats in the 14th where everything is listed as a small and regular portion.

        1. doesn't the new-ish BAT (16, boulevard Montmartre Paris 75009 ) serve small plates ?

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              Yes and they are terrific as well.
              It's the best opening of the Year 2014, IMB.

              1. Thanks so much for all the great suggestions. We are staying in the 3rd. Cafe des Abattoirs sounds really interesting especially getting 1/2 portions so the carnivores (my husband Anne son) can sample a lot. Have wanted to try Au Passage for awhile and good to hear the quality is still high. I will do some research on the rest mentioned. Thank you once again for all the wonderful information. The Paris CH board is the best!

                1. TimeOut lists a few of them today (including some of the recommendations we've made)


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                    Yes, thanks and I just ran across another list of small plates restaurants in the 9th. Buvette and Ito look interesting.