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Mar 13, 2014 09:28 PM

Excellent tortilla chips from an unexpected source

I don't know if this is something they're doing at all Star Markets, but the store in Packards Corner has recently begun selling house-made tortilla chips in their produce department. (And yes, they're definitely house-made: I've seen the clerks in the hot deli department standing over the deep fryer with batches of hot chips cooling on a rack next to them.)

I picked up a bag to go with some homemade guacamole tonight, and am pleasantly surprised to say these are the best tortilla chips I've had in years: substantial but not heavy, with a perfect level of crispness and, crucially, a lot of corn taste. A light hand on the salt, as there should be. Frankly, they were good enough that we kept eating the chips after the guacamole was gone.

I'm thinking next stop is a plate of nachos, but frankly, these would do nicely in any application that I normally fry my own tortilla chips for, like tortilla soup or migas.

I noticed that I was not the only person carrying a bag through the store as I shopped. Give them a shot next time you're in a Star Market.

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  1. Well, now, that is an unexpected source. I guess my cheater chilaquiles just got a little easier, and we'll have migas a little more often for weekend breakfast.

    I've enjoyed the La Nina chips from Whole Foods lately (and their excellent tortillas from Dave's Fresh Pasta when they can keep them in stock), but freshly fried corn is a thing of beauty. Thanks for the heads-up, Jenny!

    1. Star Market has some surprising things in their deli/produce area; ever since my neighborhood Shaws became a Star, they started carrying the house-made guacamole, pastries, and a bunch of other items... I'll have to look for the tortilla chips.

      My personal guilty pleasure is their house-made salt & pepper chicken wings. They can be sort of dry and nasty if they've been sitting on the hot bar too long, but if they're reasonably fresh, they're pretty terrific for grocery store chicken wings.

      1. This sounds great. They are upping their game..

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          have to admit, im a sucker for the fried chicken if i see them putting it out fresh, and last week it was 4 bucks a pound.

          Work dinner for two nights, solved.

        2. Good to know - thanks for the tip!

          1. Thanks for the heads up -- I love me some fresh made tortilla chips!!!