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Oct 3, 2002 08:07 PM

non smoking

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Does anyone know of a listing of non-smoking restaurants in Montreal? Can you make recommendations in lieu of a listing? Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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  1. I once had a booklet of Montreal restaurants and bars that *encouraged* smoking, Marty. It was part of the cigarette industry's sleazy efforts to circumvent the ban on tobacco advertising. Unfortunately, I've never seen a list of non-smoking establishments, although it's a great idea. Who knows, it might even encourage some restaurants to join the (alas) very small club.

    Anyway, a couple of suggestions off the top of my head. Many Second Cup outlets don't allow smoking; too bad their coffee isn't the best. And Le Pied de Cochon is blissfully smoke-free. You'll find a couple of threads about it below.

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      what is Le Pied de Cochon? a restaurant? thanks!

    2. I know that Anise on Laurier is totally non-smoking.
      Restaurant Anise 104 Laurier West.
      They have a nice website

      1. An Ethiopian restaurant called Au Messob d'Or on Monkland is non-smoking.

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          jacqueline madill

          I am from out of town from Ottawa, and am very allergic to cigarette smoke. I was told to go to Le Club de village at the corner of Victoria near Sherbrooke. It is wonderful although slightly expensive.
          PH. 485-2502, 4 Somerville

          1. j
            jacqueline madill

            I just remembered that the Snowdon Delicatessan on Decarie is smoke-free.