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Mar 13, 2014 07:08 PM

Say You Need to Dine with a non-GMO, organic, healthy obsessed "guy" who eats meat...

Hi all!

My 22 (or as young people say, ALMOST 23) year old son is INTENSE about (well, everything) including eating foods that are strictly NON GMO, organic -- ya know, no carcinogens, no chemicals, no preservatives -- Geez, healthy! (What a concept!!) BUT he does eat meat and, frankly, is a bit of a food snob! Who raised that boy anyway?? :)

We are going to lunch on a Monday and and me half of we live in Burbank.

Can any of you TRES knowledgeable Chowhounds recommend a good place for lunch nearby? I'll be driving (since he tailgates and I nearly have a heart attack as his passenger) so I prefer NOT to go downtown or to West LA. The valley, Glendale, Pasadena and surrounding areas are fine!

Your thoughts? A million (okay, maybe a dozen) thanks in advance!!!

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  1. "no chemicals"

    I hate to tell you this, but all food is composed of chemicals =/

    Your son is going to starve to death =/

    I would guess, aside from the chemicals issue, your best bet would be Racion in Pasadena.

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    1. re: BacoMan

      I know you're right about chemicals, Baco, but he doesn't know how much he doesn't know yet. He is at that age when he knows everything. So I like to think he'll figure that out one of these days! Youth is indeed wasted on the young!

      Meanwhile, I'll play along.

      AND I'll look into Racion!! Thanks!!

      1. re: susiequeue

        I hate to tell you this, but I'm the same age as your son...haha

        Another option for you, in Studio City, is Girasol. I imagine the plating, and general aesthetic would make him feel quite comfortable as well.

        (Btw, the non-GMO thing is really complete rubbish. I've written several reports on it. The non-GMO position is basically 100% overblown, unscientific rhetoric. But eating high-quality ingredients is not in and of itself a bad thing. The no preservatives thing is actually fairly legitimate. I don't know how that is looped in with the non-GMO stuff.)

        1. re: BacoMan

          Was your report published? Can you provide a link? (not challenging you).

          1. re: foodiemahoodie

            Nah, I wrote them for classes on the subject.

            But I could link you to tons of resources if your'e interested.

            Here is just a beginners list of scientifically valid resources you can check out:

            American Medical Association. (2012). REPORT 2 OF THE COUNCIL ON SCIENCE AND PUBLIC HEALTH (A-12) Labeling of Bioengineered Foods (Resolutions 508 and 509-A-11). Morisey, Lee R. 1-16.

            Beringer, John E. "Releasing Genetically Modified Organisms: Will Any Harm Outweight Any Advantage? ." Journal of Applied Ecology . 37.2 (2000): 207-214. Print.

            Buechle, Kurt. “The Great, Global Promise of Genetically Modified Organisms: Overcoming Fear, Misconceptions, and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety“ Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies , Vol. 9, No. 1, (2001): 283-324

            "Eat Up Your Genes." World In Action. ITV. 8 Oct. 1998. Television.

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            National Research Council. (2010). “Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States. National Academy Press. 1-270. <>

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            United States General Accounting Office. (2012). Genetically Modified Foods. Dyckman, Lawrence J., and Jones, James R. 1-47.

            World Health Organization. (2013). 20 questions on genetically modified foods.

            Vidal, John. "The GM tree plantations bred to satisfy the world's energy need." Guardian [London] <>.

            I highly recommend you start here though:

            Tribe, David. “600+ Safety Assessments.” GMO Pundit Blog.

              1. re: foodiemahoodie

                Hey folks, we removed a bunch of replies here that were getting really far off-topic, including talking about whether posters should or shouldn't have kids and getting into whether the anti-GMO crowd is or isn't nuts. One is off-topic for Chowhound, and the other a much bigger issue than the LA board is meant to cover.

                We don't want to remove the list of resources, but if people want to continue the "is GMO good or bad or neutral" discussion, we'd ask that you please start a new thread (or pick one of the many existing threads) on General Topics or Food Media and News to have that discussion rather than continuing it here. Thanks!

          2. re: BacoMan

            Hilarious! Same age!! Well, you seem (let's say) different from my offspring!!

            I'll look up Girasol (again!!) I know it's "famous" and I know I've looked it up before, but (this comes with age -- you'll see) I've forgotten what's on the menu already!

            Thanks again VERY much!

            1. re: susiequeue

              Not sure how famous Girasol is. Relatively new actually.

              I apologize though, I forgot you need a lunch spot. Girasol does a Sunday Brunch, but no lunch.

              Mea culpa.

              1. re: BacoMan

                "Famous" is a relative term. To ME, it's "famous" meaning that I know about it! I've read reviews. Hence, it is famous. Hey, one man's Girasol is another man's Tommy's.... or something!!!!

                Too bad it doesn't have lunch -- but I need a MONday... Any other ideas, youngun?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          And Fresh Roast ?????

          Maybe ????????

          1. re: ipsedixit

            I don't see any meals there -- just beverages. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me, Ipsedixit?

            1. re: susiequeue

              Looks like their site is screwy, or something.

              Here's the menu.


            2. re: ipsedixit

              From a taste perspective I've always been underwhelmed. Not sure about the hype in regards to their hainan chicken either all the sauces are too sweet and turn the dish into chicken candy with rice,

            3. Daily Dose in the Arts District is his kind of place

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              1. re: mwalsh5

                Heck of a drive from Burbank though =/

                That Farmer sandwich is really something there though. I wish more sandwiches had that amount of thought put into them.

              2. Since the Arts District has been suggested and if you are willing to venture downtown (you could always take the subway (Red Line metro) and get off at Pershing Square), Belcampo Meat Co will be opening at Grand Central Market next week:

                Apparently, there will be various meat-featuring sandwiches and stews at lunchtime...

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                1. re: d_doubleyew

                  Actually I do NOT wish to venture downtown. :(

                2. Perhaps Tender Greens in Pasadena? Nearish you, flexible lunch options. Assuming he is knowledgeable about what is and is not GMO it should be an easy experience.