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Mar 13, 2014 07:05 PM

Sahara in Mattawan on 34

Has anyone ever tried Sahara? It is near West Lake. I often think of going but have yet to venture. I am hoping someone has been there and will share. Much thanks!

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  1. I've been there. Ok food, worst waiter ever.

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      Please excuse me, I was thinking of a different place. I've never been to Sahara.

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        Joonjoon much thanks for BOTH posts! I guess it is my turn to take one for the team! Your first post made me think not worth it, your second post made me say nothing ventured nothing gained. Will try it next week and report back!

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          That's the spirit!! Can't wait to hear about it!

    2. My family and I get food from the market side periodically and have eaten in the restaurant once. They're gyro meat is delicious. The hummus was very good. The grape leaves were good. I enjoyed their rice which was a pilaf a lot. I can't remember the Egyptian name of what we ordered my son but Armenians call it Lula Kebab and it is basically a tubular piece of spiced chopmeat that is grilled and that was excellent. Almost as good as my wife's. They're tzatziki sauce also is good. That's all we've tried at this point but we really haven't had anything that wasn't enjoyable. The service in the restaurant was slow but friendly the one time we ate there. It's definately the best middle eastern/Greek food we've had down here.

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        Hcentro I just read your post and just returned from Sahara 34. You are absoulutely right! Deliciious and well worth a visit! My friend and I went for lunch. We both love Gyro and each of us ordered it. The gentleman who probably owns the place was our waiter and he was delightful. The hummus, tzatzik and Greek salad with stuffed grape leaves were quite good. After we shopped in the market for interesting spices. It is a restaurant with about 10 tables set with table cloths and a market next door. Very comfortable clean place with a very friendly and kind host who made us feel most welcome. After we ate we shopped in the market for all sorts of spices and the gentleman helped us learn about the various flavors used in Middle Eastern cooking. It was a really nice experience and I look forward to going back many times. The phone is 732 566 2225 He is open 7 days a week. He is located at 1008 Route 34 Pine Valley Plaza Mattawan. Right near West Lake. Really worth trying!

        PS Joonjoon thanks for the encouragement!

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          Thanks for taking one for the team! I will be sure to check it out.

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            For what it's worth.. Matawan only has 1 "t". :)

        2. Just returned from having lunch at Sahara 34 in Matawan. The food was fantastic! My friend and I had the same thing..the chicken sawarma (sp?) wrap with the side greek salad. The chicken was oh so tender and juicy with peppers and onions with a delicious tzatziki sauce wrapped in a fresh mid-eastern flat type bread. The salad was sooooo fresh and tasty with a light oil and vinegar/lemon dressing. It was incredible. I asked the owner for some hot sauce for my wrap and he gave me some of his homemade hot sauce that was fantastic with lots of heat! I even ended up buying some to take home, LOL! The dining room was very nice with clean table cloths on the tables and a very nice ambiance. The owner told me it is also a BYOB. He was excellent in his service and knowledge of the menu items. I would very highly recommend Sahara 34 for delicious and fresh mid-eastern cuisine. I will definitely be back soon!

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            CatLadyJan, I am so glad you liked it too! I don't know how long they have been there, but I am so glad I finally tried it. It is so much more than I expected when I looked at it from the outside. I never expected to see a restaurant! I thought perhaps a couple of tables. Then I was really happy when I tasted the food. Glad you wrote about the hot sauce too, my friend loves spicy food and we never even thought to ask. Next time I will try the chicken!

          2. All these posts convinced me to turn our planned Shanghai Bun run into a Sahara brunch. Still too hard to type on Chow for me so short version is pretty good. Highlights - lentil soup, hot sauce, tzatziki Lows - gyro meat, falafel.

            1. Echo +1 to all the comments. I was surprised by the food here. I stopped into the Deli side and ordered take out. Greek Salad with Gyro Meat Added, and a Gyro Platter. Food was really good, and the portion was huge. The owner was very nice and he seems to have a ton of stuff which I guess you can't get other places. He said "Don't worry my friend, if you want it, I have it". Definitely a Middle Eastern Place, ie, he gave me two different types of "tzatziki", one more of a sour cream taste, and one more of a minty-more liquid taste.. similar to "white sauce". Both where very good, but more of the middle eastern flavors than just the traditional greek style sauce.

              I will return and hope to try more stuff.

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                Sounds like a good place for a 'hound meet. I will take on organizing this one if anyone's interested.

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                  We're interested (depending on when it is).

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                    I'm in, and possibly my wife if we can make the scheduling work.

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                    For what it's worth, I'll say now that avoiding Passover (April 14-22) would be a *really* good idea.

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                        Thanks for the reminder. Let me talk to my better half, and I'll throw a couple dates and my email out there, and organize this as best I can. I'm thinking sometime in early June. I'm out this weekend, next weekend Memorial Day...

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                      Stopped in again tonight for take-out. This is a picture of their $12.99 gyro platter. Its a lot of food, also not pictured is warm pita bread wrapped on the side. Excellant tastes, and I alrealdy want to go back.