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Mar 13, 2014 06:52 PM

Chicken & Waffles

Anyone know a good spot for Chicken & Waffles in the cities? Eat it alot when travelling but never at home

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  1. Both in Minneapolis, Haute Dish and Lake & Irving

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    1. re: ChillyDog

      I found Lake & Irving's version pretty disappointing! The fried chicken wasn't crispy enough, everything was kind of soggy.

      1. re: ChillyDog

        I wasn't a fan of Haute Dish's C&W because it came out of the kitchen with the syrup on it already. Just seemed weird to me and the waffle wasn't crispy behind because of it.

      2. The Bulldog in Northeast.

        1. I've heard good things about the Daily Diner Frogtown.

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          1. re: tipitina

            I respect what they are doing and the space is great. However, wouldn't recommend the food. We had breakfast there and my memory is that everything was a greasy, gloppy mess. Calling the service "spotty" would be kind. Maybe they've gotten their act together. I hope so.

            We did not try the chicken and waffles.

          2. I've gone to Haute Dish for this, and will try the others...but I'm looking for a Roscoe's taste, so I might be cynical.

            I've decided to make my own waffles and grab some chicken from Cub. I'll cook up some collards and maybe some yams (or just grab some Sylvia's in the can).

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            1. re: stepawayfromthetable

              Cub's fried chicken is surprisingly good, actually. Try this, if you're heating it up later...