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Mar 13, 2014 06:46 PM

Small Weddingish Cake for Eloping Couple from East Coast (Tartine, Craftsman & Wolves, B. Patisserie?) [San Francisco]

My sister and her fiance decided they're going to get married on our trip to San Francisco, and I'm trying to surprise them with a little wedding cake. There will only be ~5 of us there so I'm trying to keep the cake small.

I looked at Tartine, and it looks delicious, especially the Passion Fruit cake (passion fruit seems to be pretty popular in the area, but it's not big in NC so I like that it'd be different). Problem is I don't think I can order a cake ahead of time smaller than one that would feed 24 people - it says they can't accomodate special orders.

For Craftsman & Wolves, does anybody have an idea of how many people the cube cakes feed?

Thoughts on B. Patisserie? Any other recommendations?

Taste is more important than anything, but it would be nice to get a cool cake. I really want to surprise her with one wedding tradition, so I appreciate the help!

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  1. The 6inch version of the passionfruit cake at Tartine will be plenty for a group of five. They always have a few ready to go, so I have never needed to pre-order. For such a special day, if you don't want to leave anything to chance, you can always contact Tartine and ask if you can reserve one. It is beautiful and wedding white.

    As for taste, it really depends on what type of cake you think tastes best. For example, I don't like dense cakes eg flourless chocolate cake, and I don't like mousse cakes because I'd rather eat mousse. Everyone has a preference, so it might help narrow the numerous if you could describe your version of an ideal cake.

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      That's awesome, I didn't see the 6 inch option. Have you had the passion fruit cake, is it amazing?

      For cake types, I think I'd want to go pretty standard in consistency, not as dense as a flourless cake and not as light as angel food. We're not picky eaters at all though, so if something is to die for you can throw all preferences out.

      I'm really liking the artsy looks of the Craftsman & Wolves cube cakes, any idea on pricing/serving size for those?

      1. re: chow_heel

        I am biased for all things passionfruit, so naturally I really love Tartines passionfruit cake. It is in my top 3.

        Another cake in my top 3 is the chocolate tower cake at Delessio. It has the perfect texture in my opinion.

        I tried a chocolate hazelnut cake or torte from BP at a party, and while I thought is was delicious, I wouldn't call it a cake because it didn't have enough of the actual cake. In my mind, a majority of a proper cake is comprised of actual cake as opposed to fillings, mousses, etc.

        Thinking about cakes, I am still mourning the closing of Patisserie Delanghe, which had the most incredible St. Honore cake. That cake was my only exception to the 50% rule.

        1. re: chow_heel

          Tartine's Passion Fruit bavarian was my wedding cake (and we buy an anniversary slice every year). Our wedding was several years ago and people are still talking about how delicious and not too sweet and flavorful that cake was.

      2. Tartine has taste. CW has the (modern) looks. BP is most likely to have both. That's been my experience after trying a number of items from all three. The CW cakes are pretty tiny, ~ 6 in square if memory serves. But you could supplement with minis. Price is $30-40 range I think.

        1. I think the C&W cakes would serve 5, they are quite tall. Their mini cubes are more like a serving for 2 (imho).

          But I think the square shape would be a bit weird to divide up into 5 pieces.

          1. My tastes are heavily weighted towards savory rather than sweet, but I do really like Miette's Lemon Debutante cake which is creamy and citrusy. Pretty too: ttps://

            What a wonderful surprise you're planning :)