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Mar 13, 2014 05:47 PM

Balsamic Vinegar Refills - Providence

Every few months I drive from Rhode Island up to Tutto Italiano, the terrific Italian grocery store in Hyde Park with its wide selection of local and imported cheeses, cured meats, wines, olives and other sundry Italian specialties. From their large vat, I get my bottles refilled with their oh-so-sweet-yet-tangy balsamic vinegar.

Does anyone know of a source closer to home in the Providence area that provides this option for buying balsamic vinegar?

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  1. I visit a place on Hope street to pick up truffle oil. They have a nice selection of vinegar also. You can taste them all before buying.

    1. I believe a former co-worker of mine used to visit Shore's Market in North Providence to refill balsamic vinegar, though I haven't been there myself.

      1. You might want to call "OliveTap" in Wayland Square. I am not sure if they do refills.

        1. Thank you all for your leads.

          Shore's and Olive Tap do refills; Shore's 250 ml, $7.99; Olive Tap, 375 ml, $15.95.

          Olive del Mondo: 200 ml, $11.00. Bring bottle back for a 50-cent refund and get a new bottle.

          Shore's offers only one balsamic; Olive Tap and Olive del Mondo have a variety to choose from.

          On my way to The Original Italian Bakery on Atwood Avenue in Cranston for a zeppole (that could be a separate thread: The Rhode Island Zeppole Hunt) I stopped at Shore’s for their vinegar.

          Good to know I have options for balsamic right here in Rhode Island.