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Source for organic pork in San Diego Grocery Stores

I am having a difficult time finding organic pork at San Diego grocery stores. I have been to Whole Foods and Jimbos and they do not carry organic pork. Most pigs are fed gmo corn and consequently are sick animals. I want to stay away from sick meat. Do you know a source for organic pork in the San Diego area?

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    1. Are you strictly looking for organic pork or pork which is not organic but also not fed gmo corn ? WholeFoods LJ has non-organic pork which is not fed with gmo corn, in addition there are also a few local farmers, e.g. Da-Le Ranch (www.de-la-ranch.com) which sell their own non-organic pork on farmers market, e.g. Little Italy

      1. "Most pigs are fed gmo corn and consequently are sick animals. "

        Can you please point us to the research that explains this?


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          The OP is likely referring to a "junkscience" study (funded by an anti-GMO group) and published by a small, pro-organic farming journal that purported to show an increase in certain conditions (primarily stomach inflamation) amongst GMO-fed pigs. The publication was roundly criticized based on methods and use of unusual statistical analyses. The conclusion of most unbiased scientists is that any observed difference is the result of chance and not a real difference. The original article and a review are below.



        2. I have been eating pork all my life and the corn/slop fed stuff didn't taste like a sick animal to me...they taste delicious haha.

          I met the owners of Cooks Pigs (located in Julian, I think?) at a local brewery and they feed their pigs fallen avocados, grass, nuts, etc. Really nice people, and they mentioned they are opening a storefront in San Diego soon in Kearny Mesa/Clairemont. I haven't had the pleasure of trying their pork products yet, when I do I will update this.

          They can be found on facebook/twitter/etc if you want to find out more.

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            Pigs fed a diet of avocados? That sounds awesome!

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              A friend in Hawaii tells me the avocado trees are truly out of control, and that which falls gets swept up and fed to pigs. He also tells me the taste of that pork is just amazingly good. I was once in Okinawa on an outer island and the dinner fed us in the lodge had remarkably tasty pork. I mentioned this to the woman running the place, who arranged for us a tour of the awamori (local spirits) distillery next door which sends their spent fermented rice to the local pig farms. Pigs are truly amazing at converting all kinds of stuff into tasty meat.

          2. If you've got the resources and feel like ordering on-line, you can try this farm in NorCal


            1. Pigs will eat anything, including corn, with nary a burp. They are true omnivores. Sprouts is now selling a limited selection of Niman Ranch pork which is raised with humane standards, no gestational crates, and no routine antibiotics. It's only $1 per pound more than the regular stuff.

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                Yes so true, when i was growing up my grandma raised a pig all year and it was sacrificed before winter/late fall. They would eat anything. Between chickens and a pig, you can get rid of all the kitchen scraps.

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                  Any particular Sprouts location? I shop at the Hillcrest branch and I don't recall seeing Niman Ranch pork there.

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                    I found it in Solana Beach last week. I had never seen it there before.

                2. Da-Le ranch will sell you a whole pig if you are interested..we got 1/8 of a grass-fed cow from them. "Cow-pooled" with 7 other families.

                  1. I mistakenly bought Beeler's Bacon thinking the pigs were raised with non-GMO feed, but they are not. I contacted the company and they feed their pigs GMO feed. I will not be buying Beeler's Bacon again. I will look into Solana Beach Sprouts. The Sprouts in La Mesa is REALLY BAD and sells almost NOTHING organic!