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Mar 13, 2014 05:00 PM

40th birthday dinner

My husband and I will be in Vegas next month to see my folks (who have retired to Henderson). They have offered to take me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday, which is lovely of them--but...let's just say they prefer volume over quality. Their idea of fine dining is pretty much the M Buffet.

I'm looking for restaurant suggestions that will appease my parents but won't suck on our end, either. Also of note: I can't eat gluten, and while I will eat meat, I'm not a huge steak kinda gal either.

Ideas I had included:

Mon Ami Gabi (husband and I have been before, and it's nice enough, but I kinda want to go somewhere new)

Raku is also another idea, though I'd again prefer somewhere we haven't yet been and I thought their sake prices were really high (and if we're dining with my folks, I'm gonna need some sake).

Mastros Ocean Club. I've heard mixed reviews, and I know it's pricey (I can't even find current menu prices online!), but it also seems like a lot of food (for a lot of money), which will at least appease them. Like I said I'm not a fan of huge slabs of meat, but they seem to have a respectable fish offering too? Partly it's because I'm craving a huge icy vodka martini with bleu cheese olives...

Chada Thai

LOS (but neither LOS or Chada scream "birthday!" to me)

Roy's (seems to get good reviews on TripAdvisor. but then again so does Cheesecake Factory...)

Sen of Japan (I have been before, but I'm less inclined as sushi isn't their thing)

Another buffet?! At least we can all get what we want?


Husband and I will be staying at the Mandarin. We'll be renting a car, but I'm leaning more toward staying on Strip for this one--though I can be convinced. Also would prefer somewhere not frighteningly loud.

We're from Portland, Oregon, so we're a little spoiled by great food at reasonable prices. ;)

Please help? Thank you!

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  1. Coming from PDX, consider Bouchon - good portion sizes and classic French in a lovely setting, something Portland lacks.

    Chada is a lovely atmosphere, but the music ranges loud and portions are not huge. Raku is excellent, but not "classy" in the way I'd think for a birthday.

    Consider Blossom - portions are big, preparations are great, and PDX does not do upscale Chinese well.

    Also look into Michael Mina's American Fish, Le Cirque (portions much bigger than French elsewhere,) or Sage.

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    1. re: uhockey

      Thanks, will check those out.

      1. re: loof

        Sage is a great idea and I think would probably have something for everyone in your party. You can also walk there from the MO. They make a very very nice martini. I might also think about Milos at the Cosmo (upscale Greek focused on fish).

        1. re: lvnvflyer

          Good call on Milos, as well.

          Having eaten my way through PDX I was trying to focus on things they don't do much up there, and Milos fits the bill as much as any of my suggestions. I really need to visit them at some point.

    2. Take a look at Wynn/Encore. All the restaurants have a gluten free menus along with their regular menu, which I believe makes it (them) the only property that has all restaurants w/gf menus. While some are insanely expensive (Bartolotta, which IMHO is worth it) others are more reasonable. And while I am not a huge buffet fan the Wynns is very good.

      Before I read gluten free I was going to suggest SW. It is far superior to Mastros and would be a much more lovely setting, especially for your parents.

      And I agree that Lotus does not scream BIRTHDAY. That is why I booked my 50th there in June. Turing 50 in Vegas and going to Lotus for my 50th celebration just seems ideal.

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      1. re: LVI

        Thank you -- any particular places at the Wynn in addition to Barlotta?