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Mar 13, 2014 04:43 PM

Charleston -Folly Beach

Will be renting a house on Folly Beach In May with extended family. The game plan is to explore during the day and have lunch out with happy hour on Folly Beach and dining at home. Casual is good. Would love suggestions for great waterfront seafood lunches and at least one great southern BBQ . Any other suggestions where the locals hang out for a great lunch or happy hour welcome!

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    1. Yeah, the previous posts will give you what you need, but I do want to say that the Tomato Shed at Stono Farmers Market is a must for lunch.Yeah, its 15 miles away, and its got a cheesy "gift shop" section, but the food and the local produce and seafood offerings more than make up for it,and those people you think are tourists are affluent retirees who live in the area.Most of them know each other.You will be just about the only tourist there.Just go.You can thank me later!


      1. My favorite eating place on Folly is The Wich Doctor. Been there three time in the last three weeks for their authentic Asian dishes. Best to order the specials on the chalk board. Ramen-anything is the best Imhave had.