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Mar 13, 2014 04:12 PM

2 Lunches and 2 Dinners in DC

Hi. We've decided to take a trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately we won't have a lot of time -- arriving later on Saturday night (around 8P or so) and leaving after lunch on Monday. This allows for 2 dinners and 2 lunches. Couldn't get into minibar. No set budget or cuisine preferences except no Ethiopian (DH doesn't like it). As we don't have much time in DC basically looking for the "greatest hits" kind of thing -- I hate using that term as I know there probably is more depth to the area. We will have a car but prefer to keep lunches in the sightseeing area.

This is what I'm thinking of right now:

Sat dinner -- Komi or Jaleo
Sun lunch -- Zaytinya
Sun dinner -- Rogue 24 (made reservations)
Mon lunch -- Rasika

1. I'm leaning towards Komi as I've eaten at the Bazaar a couple of times and seems a bit similar to Jaleo, well at least the traditional tapas side. But I'm wondering if Komi is too much like Zaytinya. If one has other suggestions for a later meal on Saturday night I'm wide open.

2. Are reservations essential for Zaytinya and Rasika lunches? It's just that we plan to do a bit of sightseeing and would rather have the flexibility to eat lunch when it suits us.

3. Any breakfast places worth checking out? Probably looking for bakery type of items.

Haven't booked our hotel yet but leaning towards Penn Quarter for convenience purposes.

Appreciate any insights you may have. Thanks!

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  1. Komi is definitely better than Jaleo.

    No reservations are need for lunch at either Rasika or Zaytinya.

    1. The city is packed during peak cherry blossom time. Book your hotel and restaurant now.

      1. If you're staying in Penn Quarter, Red Apron Butchery does a decent breakfast sandwich. It's new so they're still working out some kinks though. Protein Bar has oatmeal, yogurt and breakfast burritos. You'll get your food fast there. If you want breakfasts that are, um, cheap, seedy and old school, try Lincoln Diner across from Ford's Theater.

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          Is that special bread they developed as amazing as it looks?

        2. If you can get into Komi, then certainly try it.

          Zaytinya's brunch is good. But it will be similar flavor profiles to what you had the previous night -- perhaps something more varied might be better. I don't think the Zaytinya brunch is a "must try" -- there are plenty of other options that are just as good. Acadiana pops into my mind, as I just had a stellar brunch there a couple months ago. Also enjoyed the Farmers Fishers Bakers brunch last weekend.

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            Acadiana has a great brunch....and a really for 3-course deal.

          2. Komi and Zaytinya are nothing alike. That said---I would go elsewhere for your Sunday lunch (I'm personally not a fan of Zaytinya). Maybe check out the Source's dim sum brunch or go to Le Diplomat (make a reservation). Other great choices for brunch/lunch would be Mintwood Place or Hank's Oyster Bar.

            You should be ok with lunch at Rasika on a Monday (you could always sit at the bar).

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              The Source's brunch is only on Saturday.

              And no, Komi and Zaytinya are nothing alike in atmosphere, presentation, etc. but it's still Med flavors and ingredients two meals in a row. And it's not like you're vacationing on the Aegean where you intend to eat that for a week straight.