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Mar 13, 2014 02:41 PM

Battersea Suggestions, Please! [London]

4 friend and I will be staying in an apartment right on the water near York Gardens. I've been reading the board (thanks, UK hounds!) but there hasn't been much about Battersea. I have all kinds of ideas for the other side of the Thames, but not too much in the Battersea area.

Any suggestions for restaurants, markets, specialty shops in the area, and of course, anything walkable would be great. All price ranges and cuisines are fair game.

Special bonus points for any ideas for any Chow-worthy places open on Sunday.


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  1. Good for brunch is Le Pot Lyonnais on Queenstown Road. Excellent eggs benedict.
    There's Soif on Battersea Rise. Not been but have been to their sister restauarants Terroirs and Green Man and French Horn and I really enjoyed them. Also on Battersea Rise is Flip and Dip. I Hestiate recommmending a French Dip and burger place to someone from the US but went recently and it was really good.
    A Vietnamese place I've been meaning to try for ages is Mein Tay on Lavender Hill. Hopefully someone can provide an opinion on this but the reviews are good.

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      Actually I stumbled onto Flip and Dip while doing research and it looks interesting. And we are looking for casual places. And truth be told, it's hard to find good dip sandwiches in New York. Just checked this out and Mein Tay looks particularly interesting, and open on Sunday!

    2. Try the Cantonese style roast chicken at Red Pocket at the Hotel Verta.

      On the St John's Hill side, there's good croque monsieur/madam and tarte Tatin at Boutique Deli. Kaosarn for great Thai, especially the masaman curry. (Caveat, haven't been in long time.)

      Further out near Clapham, there's Trinity and The Dairy, both serving modern European cooking.

      1. Thanks Paprika and Limster. I meant to add that I have read everything I could find through the search function, and the last long thread was from 2008 and many of those places are closed. I'm ignorant but not lazy. :-)

        1. You need to book in advance for Mien Tay - I was there last Sunday and it was completely full until about 9.30. All dishes were delicious, many better than what I found recently in Vietnam. I particularly enjoyed eel in tempura batter with lemon grass and the goat with galangal. I'm looking forward to a new Vietnamese restaurant called Pho opening soon on Battersea Rise.

          Soif is excellent. Tartiflette and salad plus a glass of decent wine and coffee for £10 is a favourite lunch.

          On Northcote Road, Lola Rojo and Rosita (under same ownership) are very enjoyable tapas joints. Pintus has very good coffee if you can avoid stumbling over the toddlers and buggies. Pascucci on St Johns Road also has good coffee and is handy for a decent panini-type snack or lunch.

          Limster mentions Kao sarn on St Johns Hill. Next door is a good Eritrean restaurant.

          The street market on Northcote Road is a shadow of its former self but there is a good bread stall (the doughnuts are divine, especially when still warm) and the Dessert Deli is always a temptation. There are also two excellent butchers and an extremely good fish stall. Not to mention Hamish Johnston which sells superb cheeses from all over the UK and beyond (at very high prices).

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          1. re: J Sheridan

            Am in London after an inconsequential flight but sadly no sleep. I just wanted to thank you very much for the recommendation of Mien Tay, which was excellent. The best dish by far that we tried was the goat with galangal. I couldn't stop spooning the leftover soup on steamed rice. It was more memorable than any single Vietnamese dish I've had in NY. The glaze on the grilled quail was also outstanding, although the bird itself was a little overcooked.

            1. re: J Sheridan

              Another heads up for Mein Tay if you plan to go at lunch - do Not take the hours posted on the website as accurate. They indicate it's open all afternoon but I called to make Sure as I've learned the hard way about some places. I was told that M-Th they close at 3 until dinner but I think he said they were open all afternoon F-Sa?? When I suggested they update the information on their website, the man impatiently told me that they had changed it and... "Your computer Broken!!" lol. Hope to try it soon. Maybe I should change my name to BrokenComputer.

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                We went to Mien Tay on Lavender Hill for lunch today & enjoyed it. I had the galangal goat since it had been recommended by Paprikaboy - really nice with plenty of lemongrass & peanut, which I'd not expected. Not a drop was left on the grill plate even though I'd not had rice and will order that again. The chargrilled quail was a bit overcooked & tasty though not as much as expected. Hubby had the beef pho which had a light fragrant broth if not as full flavored as ones we've had over the years. I'd like to return and try a few more things as well as have that goat again. Thanks for the recommendation!

              2. I have not been myself but my friend said that the new Gordon Ramsay place on Battersea Square is a safe bet.

                I also used to like Lola Rojo but have not been for ages and I really want to go to the Dairy but I have not gotten around to it.