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Mar 13, 2014 02:11 PM

Large Fruit Tart

Where do they sell the best large fruit tart in LA??
Hopefully near or in Pasadena?? I love the Gelson's (Viktor Benes) one but they closed the pasadena location!

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  1. portos (might not be best, but probably best QPR)

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      Be aware that Glendale Portos may not have a certain item but Burbank will. On one visit the person that helped me at Glendale had no idea that walnut raisin rolls were even sold at Portos. Burbank always has these rolls. And they are really delicious besides...

      1. How soon do you need it?
        Gelson's is opening a new store in La Canada in the former Vons on March 27.

        1. How large? I like the ones at Whole Foods. They make them fresh in-store.

          1. can't help with where TO go, but i can tell you where i just bought a very disappointing, relatively costly, beautiful but completely flavorless fruit tart: le pain quotidien (sp?)

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              With a name like Le Pain, they could be living up to their reputation?