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Mar 13, 2014 01:52 PM

ISO Romanesco Artichokes

Has anyone seen Romanesco artichokes for sale in Boston? Two springs ago, they carried them at Whole Foods, but I wasn't able to find any last year. They're a large purple and green variety, perfect for frying for Carciofi alla giudia.

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  1. I haven't. And while not Boston, I would suggest checking at Russo's in Watertown.

    1. Really- a large 'choke that is fried? When we lived in Rome (back in the 20th c.) I only saw fried baby 'chokes.
      Your lucky family- boy do i love artichokes!

      1. No luck at Russo's! Honestly, their artichokes always look kind of sad. I'm aiming to make something like the artichokes they serve at Sora Margherita and Gigetto in Rome--I've attached a photo. I was successful two years ago, but last year was a struggle! It's just not the same without the proper artichoke.

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          Just FYI, cooked, the purple ones taste absolutely NO DIFFERENT than the green ones. And this is per my mother-in-law who lives in Tuscany. I was at a farmer's market with her over Christmas commenting on the purple chokes that were everywhere.

          The purple ones are certainly pretty, and the SMALL purple ones are considered most desireable (tender) of all, but it really is just the esthetics of how they look raw; once cooked they lose a lot of the purple color anyhow.

        2. You may want to give Arax a call. Didn't see any last night, but then wasn't looking for them.

          Arax Market, 585 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472
          (617) 924-3399

          1. I agree that for other applications, the small ones are great, but when you fry them whole (but trimmed, of course) you're basically making artichoke chips, so the large ones are lovely.

            I'm sure in Italy the green ones work well, but for some reason, the green artichokes I'm able to buy here are lackluster for frying. For some reason, the purple ones I've been able to find have been in better shape, maybe because they're considered a specialty product and treated more carefully.

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              Hmmmm, I see said the blind man.

              I wonder if just very big, very fresh green ones would do the trick.

              I hear ya about the little ones not being so good for deep frying. My mother in law tends to sautee them not fry them.

              I'll keep an eye out for really fresh ones regardless.