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Mar 13, 2014 01:50 PM

Vintage Enoteca

Giving this one a try. Anyone been? Thoughts? Recs? Thanks!

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  1. Is this the place on sunset and curson in Hollywood? We just moved to curson ave, and I tried it a couple of weeks ago. The bacon wrapped dates are good, but then again how could bacon-wrapped dates be bad? It's a pleasant place, with a nice selection of food.

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    1. re: MarkC

      Yep,,,that's the place. Plan on going tonight....

      1. re: perk

        Went last night.

        It is a wine bar with small plates of delicious foods. I can see why you think it's called Vino. Anyways, lovely meal. Shared all. Blue Crab, chicken liver pate and hummus Bruschetta. Moved on to Salmon Tartar followed by Cauliflower Gratin, Brussels-bacon-truffle flatbread and lastly a roasted beet salad with homemade ricotta. We shared a wonderful bottle of Chardonnay. Would I return, yes....

        1. re: xoxohh

          Thanks. Hadn't heard of it. But always love to know about a new "vino" bar!