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Mar 13, 2014 01:20 PM

Restaurant cancelling a reservation

I recently had an upscale restaurant cancel my reservation because of heavy snow and the fact that many of the other customers cancelled their reservations, so they decided to close shop for the evening. It was a special occasion dinner for us, and we made the reservation in advance and fully intended to go (after confirming 2 times with them). I did not receive their message until close to the time of our reservation, I had to scramble to find another similarly upscale place for our event. That was utterly disappointing and I called and left a message with them to say this was disappointing for us because it was a special event, and that we hope they can call us back since we still would like to attend in the future. Sigh. Does this happen? I suppose for their bottom line it makes sense, but still, so disappointing.

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  1. "Does this happen?"

    Well it happened to you so obviously it does!

    I'm not really sure what your question is, you said there was heavy's an act of God...not much you can do about that. What if the Chef or half the kitchen staff couldn't make it in? What if their deliveries couldn't or didn't make it and they were low or out of fresh produce.....

    Trust me NO restaurant want's to close especially if they have many reservations.....but for whatever reason they had to. At least they were courteous enough to call you and not just let you show up to a closed establishment.

    1. Do people sometimes get disappointed by bad weather? Yes.

      I respect a business that cares about its workers enough to not make them trek in (and home) if conditions are dangerous.

      1. You're complaining that a restaurant cancelled your reservation due to a heavy snow storm? In a winter of snow storms unlike any we have seen? Where people had to sleep in their cars on the highway because they could not make it home? Where there were multiple horrible car pileups due to these storms? And you're complaining that you had to postpone celebrating a special occasion?
        Sorry, but I do not feel for you or think you have a valid point.

        1. I'm sorry that happened, I would have been incredibly disappointed too. Mother Nature can be a bear sometimes.

          RE: does this happen? Around here, all the time. I once had reservations at a resort restaurant but the canyon was closed due to an avalanche. Luckily no one was hurt.

          1. Also, does "we hope they can call us back" mean you are expecting something for free?