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Mar 13, 2014 12:50 PM

Where to buy Proper Southern Chicken Pie?

Anyone know where can I buy a proper southern chicken pie in NYC? I'm looking for chicken pie NOT chicken pot pie. The distinction being that pot pie has vegetables in addition to chicken, where as "chicken pie" celebrates the glory of the chicken without any veggie additions. Or so I'm told . . . . Thanks!!!!!

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  1. Honestly, Id never heard of this before your post. The fact is that any sort of chicken pie is scarce in NYC. Costco has a big chicken pot pie but its has the typical white sauce with peas, etc.
    Did you see this old Roadfood thread which has basically an identical inquiry to yours? It includes recipes and links the a variety of items.

    1. I never would have noticed if not for your post, but I saw chicken pie - no vegetables in Whole Foods in Brooklyn at 3rd Ave and 3rd St. Don't know if it's proper southern or not.