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Coffee and Wandering on a Saturday Afternoon?, pre-Kanella, City Center

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  • Simon Mar 13, 2014 12:22 PM
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hi...we are NYC hounds taking the train down to 30th St Station...we get in at 4:30pm...have a 6pm res at Kanella...then a Phil Orchestra concert at 8pm...

I haven't been to Philadelphia in 20 yrs...what is a fun local place for us to get some coffee somewhere btw 30th St Station and Kanella (1001 Spruce St)?...this was originally supposed to be a longer trip, but medical reasons turned it into a day trip...

But we want to make the most of that 4:30-to-6pm/30thStStation-to-Kanella amble...so any thoughts on what route (we love walking) will allow us to best get a tiny taste of your city and also grab a coffee somewhere charming...

Also any must-order dishes at Kanella?...the rabbit looks yummy...

Thanks much...

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  1. First of all, that is quite a walk from 30th street to Kanella, (about 1.7 miles). Depending on what you want to do, you might consider grabbing a cab/subway surface or bus towards your destination.

    With regards to coffee shops, you might want to walk through the Rittenhouse Square area which would give you the opportunity to stop at one of several cafes we have including Elixir, Joe's Coffee (also in NY), or La Colombe. I am a fan of Elixir, though it is on a side street and can be a little hard to find. An alternative for coffee might be Tria, a cute wine bar that specializes in cheeses/wines/beer/

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      thanks...maybe we'll try Elixir...

      re: walk, 2 miles is ok by us...any thoughts on the most scenic route?

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        Cross river from 30th St, then down stairs to Schuykill River trail, head south til the trail turns off onto Locust St. Wander your way over (east) to Rittenhouse Sq. Any of the streets are good to see, but Delancey and Spruce are grand residential streets and some of the smaller alleys can be fun to explore. Elixir is close to Rittenhouse.

        From there, maybe continue down Walnut to 13th, Broad, or 15th, then down to Spruce. Kanella is on Spruce.

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          awesome...just what i'd hoped for...

        2. re: Simon

          I'd head down Walnut myself and walk through Rittenhouse Square (it is on the south side of Walnut).

          I second all of cw's recommendations, and Elixir (and La Colombe for that matter) are both less than a block off of Walnut.

          That being said, I'm not a big fan of Kanella though (except for the spreads).

          1. re: Simon

            The most logical stop would be the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, it's right on the way and you can stop for a sit in the park.

            I'm not terribly familiar with coffee places around there, but the city's best location of Capogiro (our small, excellent gelato shop chain) is near the park at 20th and Sansom, I'd stop there, get a couple small cups of gelato, and sit in the park and enjoy it.

            Kanella is one of those places where you basically can't miss no matter what you order. It's great, one of the city's best restaurants.

        3. Daytrip Report: in a word, "perfect"...all of the above worked like clockwork...easy stroll from 30th over Market St bridge, down past Mutter Museum and then over through Rittenhouse...

          Brief stop at Elixr for tea...then stroll to Kanella...stellar meal there: the manti stuffed with lamb (pictured) was prob the tastiest thing i've eaten in 2014...appetizer combo and the rabbit and whole fish also all delicious...and the semolina custard for dessert...

          Afterwards, 5 min walk to Kimmell Center for Phil Orchestra, then a cab to 30th and we were back at home in NYC by 1am...(we really had wanted to make this a 3-day trip and only did such a truncated version due to medical reasons)...

          I'll add that everyone we spoke w/ at Kanella and Elixr (and the Kimmell Center) was incredibly friendly...hope to come back soon and explore further afield and will doubtless ask for more suggestions then...thanks again...