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Mar 13, 2014 12:10 PM

Gainesville: Any Hope At All?

Looking for cool, simple places in Gainesville. Some style a plus, but unpretentious holes in the wall preferred over tacky tourist spots. Ethnic all good. Old fashioned also good. Sports bars no good.

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  1. Try Paramount Grill or Mildred's Big City Food. Blue Gill also very good. Google them all. Mildred's and Blue Gill are same group

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    1. re: steakman55

      I have no idea if it's still there but 706 was a favorite of mine when I lived there.

    2. Just moved to the area and my neighbors took me to Leonardo's 706. Great food and amazing music.....Go on a Monday night but make reservations first!

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      1. re: Babscanfish

        Went to Civilization and liked it very much. I wouldn't rave about my wife's Ethiopian platter or my other friend's Hungarian stuffed platter, but my fish of the day was flawless and the service, kindness, atmosphere, and liquid choices were top notch. I would return without hesitation. We also went to Uppercrust which was great and the Reggae Shack which was nice. Karma Cream had a great product selection with sweets, coffee, and cinnamon buns. Finally Jones B Side was hipster and good. All the choices worked out.