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Mar 13, 2014 11:59 AM

Playa del Carmen

Mother & daughter traveling to PdC to escape brutal NE winter. Need one great authentic (no italian) restaurant experience for b-day celebration as all we want to do is eat shrimp/fish tacos and hang out at the beach.


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      1. re: dragonfly

        The restaurant and beverage service at nearby Coco Beach is pretty good. If you hike south to town during the day, Zenzi is appealing and where the 'beautiful people' go. The resto at the Playa Maya Hotel is surprisingly good for lunch. Further toward the dock, La Tarraya is the oldest and most authentic and you can linger under the palms for hours.
        You can plant your toes in the sand at all 3. Dinner is a different deal, not much beach front dinner service. Let me know if you want dinner recs. Fifth Ave is beautiful at night, but many better restos are on 30th Ave. Buen provecho!

        1. re: Veggo

          Thank you and yes, please. We don’t mind hiking. Want a reason to return ; ))

          1. re: dragonfly

            One of my faves is La Pesca on 30th Ave. between 16-18 streets, across from the Mega store. I recommend the ceviche mixto, whole fried boquinette, and grilled conch. A side order of Veracruz sauce is no charge. They will gladly show you a large tray of the fish available for that day. The tables inside the courtyard are quiet and pleasant. Cheap cab ride, not far.

    1. Just got back from PDC. A stand out for us was El Muelle a new seafood place on 5th at 28th?. Very good food, ambiance and service. Under 1000p for 2 with LOTS of wine.

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        1. re: tommg

          The story behind the nearby "muelle" (dock) would make for good reading! I know the history there quite well, some of which many would choose not to believe!

          1. re: Veggo

            i’ve read numerous reviews on Los Aquachiles for their not to miss raw shrimp and seafood fried rice. Your opinion? Any other taco joints we shouldn’t miss?

            1. re: dragonfly

              The most storied shrimp tacos are at La Floresta on the west side of 307, just north of Ave. Juarez. It's been there forever, for good reason. My favorite tacos al pastor are at Pastorcita on Ave. 30, a few blocks north of Constituentes. With cheese and pineapple they are a rich treat.