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Mar 13, 2014 11:22 AM

Upscale burgers?

Well, one small challenges, I'm looking for a great upscale burger that can i have cooked to my liking. It doesn't have to be a deck of multiple component but good meat and decent toppings.

bonus if good mixed drinks are available.

I know about the burger at brasserie T,
lawrence ( only on lunch + tuesdays)
and Maison boulud ( lunch only)

i'm interested also interested in good atmosphere so that leaves most of the "burgers" only joint out.

any other interesting suggestions?

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  1. Not upscale, but the burger at Nouveau Palais is really really tasty. I'm not a big drinker but they seem to have a decent selection in mixed drinks. Nice laid back atmosphere too.

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    1. re: JerkPork

      Verry good burger
      Also like their brunch burger with an egg on top.

    2. Upscale
      Au Pied de Cochon

      Not necessarily upscale, but cooked to order and serving alcohol.
      La belle et la boeuf
      Tripes & Caviar
      Mr. Steer
      La Flammée
      Burger de Ville
      Restaurant Tous Les Jours

      And as I haven't eaten there, I'm not entirely certain, but I *think* Le Diable à quatre and Decca 77 do cooked to order and have alcohol.

        1. re: Lowe Arthorbit

          La Boulette make a good burger but don't cook it to order, as mentioned in this review.

        2. Art : burger. Its not upscale but have ambiance (depending what ambiance you are looking for) :!home/mainPage. The website is awful but the place is not.

          We had a great service, burgers were really good, you can create your own combination of ingredients. I didnt expect much and was quite surprise. They also have homemade humus as a speciality.

          That day, i didnt eat for all day, so i might have been hungry and less objective. Still, i will go back.

          Brasserie T : i find the burger bland and the fries tasting fish. I go often to Brasserie T for practical reasons but i wont take the burger again.