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Facebook & Pinterest who to follow recommendations?

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I've underwent a great following spree recently, but I'm sure there are tons of great foodie fan pages and boards I'm missing out on. :)

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  1. Some of the hounds on Home Cooking recently shared their Pinterest boards in this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/965697 so if you want to follow your fellow hounds, that's a good place to start for cooking-specific boards.

    There's a group board for citrust recipes that I really like: http://www.pinterest.com/roxanagreeng...

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    1. I like Drunken Spatula because it basically gathers yums from other blogs and posts photos and links. Tends to go by days... some are healthy, some are decadent, some are desserts. A lot of things I skip over, but I've gotten some decent things from it.

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        Awesome, that's one I hadn't heard of, and it's the sort of thing I'm looking for! More than finding fellow foodies (though that's nice too) I'm really interested in following original sources - food bloggers, food magazine, restaurants, or chefs that actually post recips. :)

        I have a pinterest to-follow list that I compiled after a good amount of research a while back, but I know there's way more than I have there: https://www.smartlivingnetwork.com/fo...

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          Drunken Spatula is on Facebook, probably on pinterest too, but I try to stay away from that addictive place.
          Here is a link to the FB. You can browse altho this week is a lot of Irish stuff.