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Mar 13, 2014 10:01 AM

Food in Bologna/Fano/Venice/Milan

My husband and I are going to Italy in May; our primary focus is to eat and drink well. We have 1 night in Bologna, 2 in Fano, 2 in Venice, 1 in Milan. Then off to Mykonos for one night and Naxos for a week. Looking for suggestions for great restaurants. In Venice I would like at least one really nice, fairly fancy meal (epecially a lunch) with a good outside seating/canal view. Otherwise, casual is great. Prefer non-touristy, unless it's too good to pass up.

I'll post separate for Mykonos/Naxos. Thanks!

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  1. I just posted on another thread that I really enjoyed dinner last week at Nabucco in Milan,

    1. Venice for one really nice, fairly fancy meal with a good outside seating/canal view: if it means view of the Grand Canal, that would only be high-end hotels with a terrace restaurant on the Canal. Other restaurants that have Grand Canal view are those just off the train station and around the Rialto Bridge. None of the latter can be recommended for food or being fancy. Bancogiro has view of the Grand Canal but not the postcard one and not fancy. The cooking is a creative take on traditional Venetian and not fancy. My advice would be to skip the fancy and view aspect and choose a good traditional Venetian trattoria/osteria and save the "splurge" meal for another part of your trip. There many recommendations of these in the earlier posts. Depends on the weather, some will have outside seating and/or and a view of a canal.