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Mar 13, 2014 09:55 AM

SIngapore for one day - what are the best restaurants or food to try?

I will be in Singapore for exactly 24 hours this Sunday and want to maximize that time by trying the best restaurants, food stalls or type of food that Singapore has to offer. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. I love super high-end and also really cheap. I just like good food. Thank you!

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  1. Would very much recommend chilli or black pepper crab. An easy and central place would be Jumbo at Clarke Quay. Could also try East Coast Seafood Center on the way in from the airport. Any of the places there is good.

    Chicken Rice at any of the hawker centers is good. Many people like Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell Street Food Center.

    These are obvious and easy but good for a dayer. If you have a specific interest do say.

    1. My recommendation:
      Breakfast: Komala Vilas in Serangoon Road, Little India, for South Indian breakfast
      Lunch: Dim sum at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck at Paragon, Orchard Road
      Sunday brunch at Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands. You'll love the view from there.
      Afternoon tea: Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill
      Dinner: Long Beach (Dempsey Hill) or No Signboard (Esplanade)

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        Sunday in Little India can be crazy though since the migrant workers are all off and head over to Little India. We've always avoided LI on Sundays because of it -- we've gone a couple times and it was super congested.

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          Little India is very quiet in the early mornings on Sundays, but it's even quieter these days after a disturbance episode there late last year. So, it's a pretty calm and sedate spot even on Sundays now:-

      2. It's quite hot & hazy in Singapore this weekend - if you can stand the weather, you might want to make a foray to one of the popular food centres to try the hawker foods:

        1) Tiong Bahru Food Centre: look out for Jianbo Chui Kueh steamed rice cakes; Koh Brothers' Teochew pig's organs soup (more palatable than it sounds, really) and poached pig's intestines stuffed with glutinous rice; Tiong Bahru Pau (steamed buns and dim sum items); Fried Radish Cake (with salted radish & eggs), Cantonese-style barbecued meats with rice, etc. It's always a pleasure to be at Tiong Bahru market in the mornings. Then, proceed nearby to Tiong Bahru Bakery (3 minutes' walk from the hawker centre/market) and have French coffees and pastries by Gontran Cherrier.

        2) Maxwell Road Food Centre - Tian Tian chicken rice, Hainanese curry rice, etc.

        3) Old Airport Road Food Centre - Google Chowhound board.

        But if you'd like some more "comfortable" surroundings, pop over to Dempsey Hill (Pidgin bar is the newest spot - offering Singapore rojak with foei gras, chilli crab croquettes, etc.) or to Singapore's current dining hotspot Koeng Saik Rd where you can try Bistro Soori, Burnt Ends or Jason Atherton's Keong Saik Snacks.

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          i like your itinerary! second this

        2. If budget is no issue, the Joel Robuchon Restaurant seems to be a good option for the best restaurant in Singapore. See a recent experience here: