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Mar 13, 2014 08:27 AM

Lunch at Betony

Meant to post this sooner while details were still crisp in my head but I did not so...suffice it to say Betony just keeps getting better and better (no small feat since they have been pretty awesome from the get go).

A recent lunch there was nothing short of fantastic. It was GF's birthday and it was a nice relaxed longgggg lunch. She had the grain salad while I FINALLY got to try their version of chicken liver mousse, not only delicious but beatifully presented, looking almost like a green shelled egg, it truly was spectacular. GF follwed with the ricotta gnudi (which I stole I taste of) and it was beautiful, big pillowy gnudi. I had the skate wing with, if memory serves me, cauliflower and prunes (Chef said it was a variation on grenobloise; I'm no Chef but all I know is it was sublime. Normally we don't do dessert but this was a birthday so we did, we shared both the dark chocolate which had a cake component to it that almost literally melted in your mouth; the second dessert was jasmine rice and it was an absolutely fun and unexpected delight, we assumed it would be like a rice pudding but it was actually a puffed rice, the textures going on in that dish were crazy.

Service was spot on as were the wine recommendations.

We honestly love this place and will recommend to anyone looking for a recommendation.

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  1. Thanks for the great report! I'm heading back to Betony for dinner in two weeks. BTW, I love the chicken liver mousse equally at both Betony and The NoMad, and plan to have it again when I return to Betony. Also planning on having the lobster.

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      It was so tough for me to NOT order the lobster because I always get the lobster dish and I've had it done several ways there and it has always been fantastic, this time I thought I should go give somethign else a try. And I agree, I would never be able to judge a contest between NoMad and Betony's CLM because they are just too good.

    2. Had a superb (and long) lunch today at Betony (first time for lunch). Everything was delicious! Service, as always, was friendly and attentive. Thought I was going to be good and get 2 courses, but everything sounded so delicious that I had 2 starters, 1 main and 1 dessert + the always decadent Italian hot chocolate). BTW, Betony has a new soft grain roll served with a butter-yogurt spread that is incredibly addictive.

      Started with the new asparagus pumpernickel veloute served cold that was perfect for a warm spring day. The next starter was the tagliatelle with soft cooked egg, peas and ham hock (yes, it was as rich as it sounds). For my main, I ordered (and have never been disappointed with) the lobster with asparagus and almond. I am convinced that no other restaurant serves lobster as wonderful as Betony. Since my diet was now completely shot, I ordered the amaranth, maple, banana dessert with a cup of the Italian hot chocolate. Yummy!

      Having Betony so near my office is getting very dangerous (for my diet :-))!

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        Ahhh, but what a way to live dangerously...

      2. Trying to decide on a lunch spot. Thinking about either Betony or Cafe Boulud.
        No budget limit, just really great good with not too big portion, but definitely decent sized. We will have a nice dinner later as well(No, not a long tasting menu).
        Oh, also no jacket required or too dressy.
        Which one would you recommend? Betony is only prix fixe, Boulud has a la carte option, so maybe we could do just one entree, if the portions are big? Thanks