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Mar 13, 2014 08:12 AM

Dinner on the way from Jupiter to BB&T Center

Heading from Jupiter to BB&T Center on Saturday night, and looking for a good spot for dinner along the way. I know plenty of places along 95 or in Del Ray, but for convenience, would like to find a good place off of the Turnpike / Sawgrass. Open to any type of food (ethnic is great, especially if it's something we don't have a good rendition of in Northern PB County -- just not formal dining, since time will be a factor, and we will be casual for the concert...

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  1. Take 95 to the Sawgrass, get off on University... proceed south appx 6 miles to Gabose Korean.

    4991 N University Dr
    Lauderhill, FL 33351

    Since you will be getting there early (what perhaps 5:30 or 6PM), you should not have a wait, hopefully.

    After dinner you will then be just about 4 or 5 miles from BB&T. Enjoy Paul Simon and Sting!

    1. Great suggestion, since the only half-decent Korean have had here was a (very good) Bahn-Mi from the Abacoa food trucks...

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        You may want to bring a cooler in case you have leftovers... you will be tempted to order everything!

        If you let them know you are a first-timer, the customer service is beyond good here, and they'll guide you through some of the favorites. You can also do a little research, others have written on this pretty extensively.

        On a recent first visit, my wife and I had:
        Goon Mandu (dumplings)
        Dolsot Bibimbab
        and then two entrees:
        Bulogi (beef) Table Top BBQ and Deajl Bilogi (pork) Table Top BBQ

        With entrée orders, they first bring out a ridiculous numbers of fantastic side dishes (there's a name for these that I don't recall).

        I believe Frod has a detailed write-up of his visit several years ago, and there are also threads here.

      2. Here are some options I use for BBT. Rock n Roll Ribs Sate Road 7 or Anthony's Cola Fired on University both off of Sawgrass. But Korean sounds much better!

        CFB meant take Turnpike to Sawgrass....

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          Thanks! Will keep Rock and Roll Ribs on the list for next time (would be perfect for pre-Linkin Park / 30 Seconds to Mars, but that is at the Cruzan, and I digress...) Always up for good BBQ, and that is something we don't have much of...

          Anthony's we like (along with Grimaldi's - although not as good as the NY/NJ outposts) but have here.

          1. re: jon777

            For Cruzan, you have Taste of India and a new tapas place that I have never been to called Bocce Wine Bar and Tapas. Both are just west of the Turnpike off Okee Blvd.

          2. re: freakerdude

            No actually I did mean take 95 to Sawgrass (via SW 10th St Deerfield "connector").

            But of course if you are west-ish, TPK will work too.

          3. Hey Jon, did you make it? Comments?

            1. Yes I did -- was excellent. We got there a little before 6 and was about 1/2 full. We could have done the charcoal tables, but was just the two of us and knew we wanted a Bimibop as well as the Bolgagi, and since it was an early dinner, we weren't crazy hungry (maybe shouldn't have had lunch!)

              The Bolgagi was good (they cooked it for us), the Bimibop was outstanding (I love the crispy rice). All of the little sides (8 or so) were great as well.

              Perfect stop prior to BB&T, as you said, about 7-10 mins to get there, and able to avoid traffic getting in (and parked in the mall to avoid the $30(!) parking charge.