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Mar 13, 2014 07:36 AM

Recs for Ceili Cottage?

Favourite dishes? Dishes to avoid? Going for the first time on saturday. Will have oysters for sure.

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  1. would help if you posted the menu

    i've been there once last July. i had the sunday roast, it was ok. another had the mac & cheese which was crazy awesome. other's dishes were unmemorable.

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    1. re: filtered

      i feel obligated to point out that no, it wouldn't really help if she posted the menu, because she was asking for recommendations from people who had been there

      that is all

      1. re: disgusti

        disgusti we think along the same lines....

    2. Save room for sticky toffee pudding. Theirs is the best in the city.

      They post their daily specials on Twitter.

      1. Mushrooms on toast is great but a very large dish and IMO needs to be shared or it is a bit overwhelming.

        1. Oysters, as you mentioned, and lots of Guinness. I would not bother with the rest of the menu.

          1. sticky toffee pudding....and hmm, sticky toffee pudding. really, I've been there a bunch of times- and it's pretty much always oysters and the sticky toffee pudding for me. the bf (who's allergic to shellfish, go figure) likes the mac'n'cheese. and pretty much anything beef there.