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Mar 13, 2014 07:01 AM

4 Nights in Italy (Flying into Milan)


Got a great last minute fare and will be flying into Milan on 3/27-3/31. My question is this - what would your ideal way to spend those 4 ways be? I hesitate to go to Venice due to crowds but could be persuaded potentially. Other thoughts are Florence/Tuscany, Piemonte (I realize that is a big region, still not sure where I would base myself) or a trip to Emilia-Romagna and do Bologna, Modena etc. I realize that this is a challenging question to answer and is very personal, but just looking for some other peoples perspective.


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  1. The easy choices are staying in Milano (go to La Scala if it is season); driving up to the Lake Country (there are some wonderful places to stay and eat throughout) or spending four days in Piemonte. If food and wine are high on your list of priorities, I would recommend the last, but you will need to rent a car at Malpensa. Search this board for recommendations (trust anything you see by way of recommendations from Allende). You should stay in Alba or the vicinity. For a very special place to stay, consider Il Castello di Villa near Isola d'Asti or a small hotel in La Morra.

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      Thanks all - I will report back on what I decide. We are still up in the air between Piemonte and Florence. A good problem to have I suppose..

    2. I am by no means an expert on Italy, but I was in Milan last week on business and ate at a fantastic restaurant called Nabucco - . It's in Brera, about a 5-10-minute walk from La Scala.

      On past trips, I've loved Florence - both food/wine and sightseeing - but haven't spent much time elsewhere in the northern part of the country. Have fun!

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        Thank you both for your replies. I will let everyone know what I decide!

      2. If you are interested in Venice, why not go there for a day or two? Its not like March is peak season there. I think you probably dont want to spend all your time getting to and from destinations for such a brief stay in Italy, however. It all depends on your priorities for your visit..

        1. If you have never been to Turin and Piemonte, I would give very serious thought to spending your time there. Turin is possibly the least visited and appreciated large city in Italy. The food & wine on offer in the Piemonte countryside (especially in the Langhe region) is arguably the best in Italy.

          I would spend 2 days/nights in Turin and rent a car to spend 2 days nights in Alba.