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Mar 13, 2014 05:25 AM

Han Dynasty or another idea for 40th bday

My husband is turning 40 and I am trying to plan a dinner for probably 12-16 people, preferably in a private room or area, with great food and not crazy $$$$- hoping to keep food under $50 pp not including drinks of course. We recently went to Han Dynasty in Univ City and he loved it and wants his dinner there. Do any of there locations have a private room or area and do private party menus? Also, may add a BYOB of some sort into the mix- any favorite BYOBs with private room? Main Line, Delco, Manayunk, Center City is fine too. He loves food, used to be a chef for more than 10 years and likes all food except for Indian and Thai.

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  1. The Exton location has a private room. I don't remember how many it can accommodate but I think we had at least 11 people in one of their rooms.

    1. You might check with Han Dynasty in Old City. Their new space there used to be a steak house and has the ability to search larger parties. You cannot book it online via opentable but I am sure you can work with them directly. You can also do a tasting menu with 8+ persons. I have done this in the past and the 10+ course banquet is well worth enjoying. It would be a fitting way to celebrate such a milestone.

      1. The Univ City Han Dynasty location has a semi-private room (maybe the doors can be closed to make it completely private) attached to the main dining room. There are two large round tables with a lazy susan in the middle so dishes can easily be passed around the table. We've had a couple of celebratory work lunches there and it works really well. I think it would work well if you ordered the tasting menu. That location also has a really good drink/beer selection.