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Best Mexican place near downtown LA for wkend lunch?

We have a party of six meeting at 12pm for lunch this Saturday in the downtown area. We'd go as far west as mid-city. I would love to hear about a small/authentic/delicious Mexican joint but will settle for delicious. Thanks!

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  1. Taqueria Los Anaya on Adams.
    I'm in love with pretty much everything on the menu and their homemade corn tortillas? As good as they get.

    My favorite.

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      I took a friend to this place and had a great meal. Two taco combo, one carnitas and one nopales.

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        That's the place I had the link to from Dommy!

      2. Homegirl Cafe is pretty great. It's the gal side of homeboy industries - and the menus are created by and the chefs trained by Border Grill folks.

        So it's good deeds and really good food -


        I dream of their green chiliquiles.

        There's also a place in west adams I have not been to, but it's been much rec'd by Dommy! and she tends to know what she's talking about : )

        Here's their facebook page and then you can investigate them on chow as well.


        Happy eating!

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            Why not go directly to Border Grill instead of their trained chefs? Homegirl's good deeds notwithstanding, Border is the best Mexican in downtown, if by best you mean innovative and clean tasting food
            in a fun atmosphere.

          2. Not small but Guelaguetza on Olympic (near Western) has excellent Oaxacan and, if you like goat, El Parian on Pico (near the 110) is a great choice. And Chichen Itza on S. Grand (around 35th) is also quite good if you enjoy Yucatan fod.

            1. You say you'd go as "far west as mid-city." This is of course precisely the wrong direction for small/authentic/delicious Mexican close to downtown. So many options in East L.A.

              Also important is: what you mean by "authentic?" Authentic Oaxacan, Veracruz, Mexico City, Baja, Sonora, or ???

              Or (hint hint) do you mean "authentic downtown Los Angeles?"

              If the latter, I'd suggest Olvera Street. If your party were smaller, I'd insist on Cielito Lindo. Because taquitos were invented there and, therefore, perfectly authentic. (Although they're better 40 feet away at Juanita's.)

              But for a party of six, and a sit down lunch: La Golondrina. Across the street from the taquito joints, great atmosphere, loads of history, and kickass margaritas. And you could get a couple of taquitos as an appetizer!

              1. How about Ricky's Fish Tacos for fish/shrimp/lobster tacos? -- check out his twitter feed before you go: https://twitter.com/RickysFishTacos.

                There is also Guisados in Boyle Heights - I like the sampler plate and the horchata.

                If you want to stay downtown, you could check out the offerings at Grand Central Market: http://www.grandcentralmarket.com/ven... -- Ana Maria's, Las Morelianas, Tacos Tumbras a Tomas to name a few. Also Sarita's not for Mexican per se, but delicious Salvodorean pupusas.

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                  Is there anywhere to sit and eat when you get food from Ricky's? And is it just a food truck now, or does he finally have a brick & mortar?

                  And we love Guisado's.....but we've also been there at noon on a Saturday. Line is usually out the door, and good luck getting a table for six sitting all together.....

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                    Ricky is a truck but, there's plenty of seating where he parks.

                2. chichen itza. Right next to USC--very casual spot that serves Yucatan style Mexican so good that it inspired J. Goldy to book a ticket to Merida immediately after (so he claims.)

                  The panuchos are out of this world. One of my favorite dishes in the city.

                  But from what I hear, you cannot go wrong with Taqueria Los Anaya.

                  1. Small/authentic/delicious = Ciro's in EastLos.

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                      I still have to hit up Ciro's.

                      1. re: kevin

                        My favorites:
                        Chorizo and eggs

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                          I like the steak picado and the milanesa.

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                            Damn, I don't think I have ever tried the milanesa there. Definitely curious now.

                    2. You should check out La Serenata de Garibaldi http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-serenata-d... as an option.

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                        LSdeG will treat you great and the food is 'hearty'. The
                        neighborhood is 'East L A' in the truest sense.

                        Will anyone in your group be packin'? My husband always did when he walked our Doberman in the area; he had to protect her!

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                          No need. There are so many detectives dining at LSdeG.

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                            Any of whom might be inclined to arrest someone carrying a concealed weapon without a permit... Doh!

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                              Whoa! That's a stretch from my silly attempt at verbal amuse-bouche

                        1. These are great suggestions! I'm new to LA and don't know the culinary territory very well yet (east LA concentration of Mexican restos duly noted, tx jesstifer). I like all types of Mexican grub so it's terrif to have so many options to choose from...we haven't decided where to go yet, but I'll report back after our meal. Thanks all.

                          1. We ended up eating at Taqueria Los Anaya since its location was the most convenient for all involved. It was great. I recommend NOT getting their breakfast items (one person ordered huevos rancheros with over-easy eggs, and they came hard-cooked) but the tacos and everything else were excellent. Many thanks for this tip and all the others too. I'm keeping this list handy for future outings for Mexican grub.

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                            1. El Sarape in East LA. Backyard partying with ceviche, molcajete & BYOB.

                              Or, Mariscos 4 Vientos/Mariscos el Jato/Mariscos & Vientos #4 -- weekend lunches are huge for mariscos in the neighborhood; Moles la Tia, Tamales Lilianas, Birrieria De Don Boni, even El Parians. With the except of Mariscos Linda, you'll probably run into some form of mariachi/banda at the seafood joints. If on Sunday, go earlier to beat the church crowd. The wait at Liliana/de Don Boni will rival anything at Bestia/Baco Mercat. If you're even more adventuresome, cruise by Mercado Mexico on Whittier for a lunch plate of pollo al carbon. Sit by the parking lot, order a Mexican coke, and some sides from the steam table.

                              There's absolutely no reason to head west for Mexican on the weekend (or any other day of the week). I mean, DTLA is literally next to Boyle Heights, which literally borders East LA. How "small/authentic/delicious" can one get besides these 2 cities?

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                                El Sarape sounds like my kind of joint.