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Mar 12, 2014 07:48 PM

Reco for veggie friendly Korean near Fort Lee

Hi all- I was hoping for some recos to take a family out for Korean dinner near Fort Lee. They are all vegetarian, so willing to consider more gentrified places that won't balk at a request for tofu on bibimbap. Good ban-chan is always appreciated.

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  1. Even though korean food is veg heavy, it's near difficult to do korean food as a strict vegetarian. I'd suggest something like BCD or SKD for soft tofu but there's probably something non-vegetarian in their broth...

    I would recommend you go to a place like So Mun Nan Jip...they have the biggest Korean menu in the area so you'll have more options to choose from. The following dishes are the only ones I can think of where you can get a strict vegetarian version of:

    Duk Bokki without fishcakes (Some places may use anchovy broth)
    Pa jeon (scallion pancake)
    Mandu - dumplings - some places have vegetarian versions
    Kimchi / Denjang chigae - some places may use non-vegetarian broth
    Chap Chae - ask to skip the beef

    Also keep in mind almost all kimchi related items have fish products in them.

    Good luck!