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Mar 12, 2014 06:47 PM

COTM: Which one was your most successful?

Just curious if you have a favorite COTM?
One where almost every recipe you made came out successful?
Or maybe one that pleasantly surprised you?
Or really got your cooking juices flowing.......
Okay........ maybe your top 5 COTM then ;-)

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  1. I haven't participated in a ton but out of the ones I've done, "Mexican Everyday" by Rick Bayless was by far my favorite. I still use recipes from it, whereas I haven't really from other books.

    1. Dunlop
      Vietnamese month
      Gourmet Today

      Also, Flexitarian Table.


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Just got Ottolenghi and have only fixed one which was really good.

        1. re: c oliver

          I have two ottolenghi cookbooks (plenty and ottolenghi )and everything I have tried is very good. I have also made some things from Jerusalem (off the net) and they were equally good.

          1. re: c oliver


            Ottolenghi just might not be for you, then. What have you tried that you didn't like and what was the one you thought was really good? I haven't tried any Ottolenghi recipe (from any of his books) that I didn't love except for the black pepper tofu from Plenty that was too peppery for me...


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              I read that as C Oliver has only fixed one so far but it was really good. CO care to clarify?

              1. re: melpy

                Oh! You're right! It could also totally be read that way. I need more coffee. Would love to hear a clarification from her.

                *Calling coliver!*


                1. re: melpy

                  Oh, lordy, yes! When *I* try for brevity, I'm misunderstood :) I've only cooked one recipe and it was very good. BTW, it was a beet salad.

                  c oliver is having her first and only cup of coffee also. Oops, shouldn't use the third person :)

                  1. re: c oliver

                    So glad to hear you're aboard the Ottolenghi train!


                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      Definitely. The night I fixed that a couple of friends were over for dinner and she just oohed and aahed over the book, saying she really wants it.

                      1. re: pikawicca

                        Lord, he got a lot of shit over that, didn't he?

            2. Fish: Without a Doubt
              Cradle of Flavor
              Dunlop: Land of Plenty
              Young: Stir-Frying to the sky's Edge and Breath of a Wok
              Ottolenghi: Ottolenghi and Plenty
              oh dear that is five

              next in line:
              Around my French Table
              Olive and Capers
              Roden: The New Book of Middle Eastern Foods

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                1. re: smtucker

                  Oh ! forgot about Young! And AMFT! Still, they would have to be in my top ten, not my top five. Hmmm...actually, no, I might have to nudge Casas down below Young and AMFT. :( I loved reading CoF, but didn't cook a darn thing from it. Must revisit that, I think.

                  My list is heavily skewed towards books I cooked a lot from that I had success with. There are many worthy books I didn't cook as much from so those can't make the top 5, sadly.

                  NEW TOP FIVE:
                  Dunlop -- books I keep turning to again and again.
                  Ottolenghi--loved everything I tried. Really crave-worthy.
                  Vietnamese month--can't think of any losers. Lots of quick, light recipes, too.
                  Gourmet Today--so many winners and something for everyone.
                  Grace Young--Really taught me how to stir fry and I loved her stories.

                  AMFT (I didn't cook from this much, which is why it isn't in my top 5, but what I made, I loved.)

                  Casas (cooked a lot from this, loved it all, but, well, not every book could be in the top 5!)

                  ENYTC--opps, I just remembered Amanda Hesser! Similar to AMFT, I didn't cook much from it, but what I cooked I loved. I loved reading this book, too.

                  Also, Flexitarian Table (lots of crave-worthy recipes from this book).


                2. Completely forgot to list mine!

                  Although most of them were years ago I find I constantly revisit these books:

                  Sunday Suppers at Lucques
                  Around my French Table

                  Oh and a surprise for me :
                  I found I loved 660 Curries.

                  1. Here are some of my favorites, which are not necessarily my favorite cookbooks, but my most memorable months (My first COTM was in February of 2010).

                    Grace Young- Breath of a Wok and Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge- I learned so much this month and continue to use those skills today.

                    Italian Grill- maybe it was because it was the summer, but I had a lot of fun cooking from this book. I still make his chicken under a brick which was my first introduction to fennel pollen.

                    World of Food and the Cooking of SW France- this was a very quiet COTM, but I was cooking up a storm. I learned to make duck confit and cassoulet this month. It was also my first time cooking from Wolfert's cookbooks.

                    660 curries- although I have not made anything from the book since then, it forced me to go outside of my comfort zone.

                    Jerusalem- again, this book stretched me outside of my comfort zone. Discovering the falefel recipe alone (thanks Allegra_K) made this month very memorable.